30 Weeks and just found out I have Gestational Diabetes?

Abril H asked:

This is my first baby at 39 and I am a little scared of what is going on. We see the Dr. tomorrow, but I am still scared. I have only put on 15lb so far and just started walking again. I am 5″1 1/2 and 164.lb. I do eat fairly well, fruits, veggies, and home grown meat. I guess after the 3 hour test my score should have been under 105 and mine was 131. Just want to know what I should be doing and eating to keep my baby boy healthy. I was hoping so much to have a natural delivery and to go full term. Just hoping you gals out there would have some more info. Thanks all

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  1. Eat healthy, no processed foods.

  2. Momma of charles and Ben says:

    i dont know much about it, sorry i couldnt help you with alot more then this

    but i do know
    as your cutting out the processed sugars in your diet your adding fruit and stull like that just rember that fruit has natural sugars in them,

    i also know that you have to watch pasta and stuff like that to.

    i hope i helped a little bit, im sure the dr. can tell you more about it tho

  3. dueinoctwith#3 says:

    With GD it is all about balancing out carbs and protein. When you have carbs (like crackers) eat a protein with it (like peanut butter or cheese) to balance out the effects. Eat smaller meals throughout the day and limit the fruits as they contain natural sugar that can raise your levels (especially apples and bananas). Make sure to eat your lean proteins and veggies (look for ones that are lower in natural sugars/carbs). Take a 30 minutes walk a day to stay active and keep levels more balanced if possible. You can go fullterm with GD plenty of woman do it, it might mean a bigger baby though but you can still deliver vaginally as long as everything else is going ok.

  4. JustMeTiff says:

    I had gestational diabetes in my first pregnancy. I had to follow a diet of no sugar… it was ok to use splenda in moderation… as little sodium as possible… (that was a hard one)… I also had to follow a calorie intake.. I couldn’t have more than a certain amount of calories a day… also take it easy on the fruits as they have natural sugars… The main reason the doctors take precautions so much with this is they don’t want the baby to get too big… a lady here on the island where I live had gestational diabetes.. didn’t know it… and had a 14lb baby… If you just watch what you eat everything will be ok.. and with me the diabetes went away as soon as I delivered.. my son is now 13 and has no diabetes… and I haven’t had it in any of my other pregnancies… There are alot of sodium free and sugar free products out there.. they aren’t as good as the real stuff.. but they work.. and the occasional treat… although advised against.. I couldn’t resist.. I love soda when pregnant… Congratulations and best wishes on your pregnancy… feel free to email me anytime… = ) Everything will be fine…

  5. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz says:

    well im just gonna say i hope everything goes good for you and your familt yet again im only 14 i hope it makes u feel better =]

  6. Soon2bMommy says:

    I don’t think you will have to go to pre-term or term I think you can go full-term but you might be induced. my friend was diagnosed with gestational diabetes at 26 weeks and her baby actualyl came out small—6 lbs.

  7. Melissa H says:

    I’ve had gestational diabetes since about week 21. It is upsetting at first but it is really manageable. The doctor will most likely have you meet with a nutritionist who will give you a diet for the remainder of the pregnancy.

    They will monitor your baby with ultrasounds to make sure he doesn’t get to big for you to deliver. If he is getting on the bigger side they will usually induce you a couple of weeks early. It is still very much a possibility that you will go full term and have a natural delivery.

    They told me not to drink fruit juice, dessert, soft drinks with sugar in them. They do not recommend fruit or yogurt first thing in the morning. Later in the day is encouraged. They set me up with 3 meals and 3 snacks so I am eating every 2-3 hours smaller amounts. They recommend walking to help your body process the sugar.

    Its going to be alright

  8. Tired-Mom says:

    I have had gestational diabetes twice now. One with my first baby and now with this one.
    You want to try to limit your amounts of carbs. All carbs turn into sugar. So limit the amount of: Bread, pasta’s, rice, potatoes, sweets, chips, corn, pea’s, fruits. All of those turn to sugar and raise your levels.
    My sugar is out of control that’s why I am on insulin shots. 5 a day. If you eat well, you won’t have to be on insulin shots and will just have to check your sugars and really watch what you eat. Oh, dry cereal and instant cereal will jack your sugars way up as well. I learned that at the class I had to take at the diabetic care center.
    I am against having c-sections, so my doctor always induces me at 37 weeks because of the baby’s size. You can talk to your doctor about getting induced so you won’t have to have surgery. At 37 weeks my son weighed 8lbs. 6oz.
    I am being induced with this one June 3 at 37 weeks.
    There is no way you can go full term and have a vaginal birth. your baby is just going to be to big with the gestational diabetes that you have.
    If you have other questions, email me. I feel like a expert when it comes to diabetes. Been through it so much.

  9. I had GD with both of my pregnancies. They will most likely be sending you to someone (including a nutritionist) to learn how to manage the diabetes.

    Here are some tips from the diabetic diet:
    You are going to need to eat every 2 hours. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack. No fruit in the morning. It will spike your blood sugars. Try to avoid fruit juice entirely. You’ll learn about what a portion is for each category. For instance, I believe breakfast was something like 2 carbs and 1 protein.

    The greatest thing about being on this plan was that I was NEVER hungry. I even lost weight by the time all was said and done because I was eating so well. Many women do still go full term and have vaginal deliveries. The key is keeping the numbers in range to keep it all under control so that baby doesn’t get too big. Both of my boys were on the big side for their gestation (neither were term but that had nothing to do with GD) If diet and exercise alone doesn’t work, they do have oral medications that can be used safely. Good Luck!

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