33 weeks pregnant w/ gestational diabetes?

millergrl_07 asked:

i recently went to the dr. for a apt. she said that im measuring 4 weeks BIGGER then suppost to be… there scared my baby will be to big to push out and that i will have to have a csection… (i want natural birth)… Also most importantly 3months ago they noticed that my baby only had 2 blood vessels in the umbilical cord instead of 3 which makes the baby not get enough nutrients, oxygen, ect…. the question is is that normal that she is HUGE and 3 months ago they told me she was going to be SMALL?… advice please im scared…

and if you have gone threw this how did your experience go and when did you give birth?…

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  1. I am also 33 week with # 3. With the first 2 I had gestational diabetes. Every thing was fine my son was 8lb 12 oz and my little girl was 6lb 9oz. The dr made me have my little girl early so she was not so big. Both were natral. You should be fine. The funny thing is I dont have diabetes with this preg.

  2. Christina says:

    GD can cause the baby to grow larger than normal, especially if left unchecked. My best advice to you is to follow the GD diet and check your blood sugar often. I had GD and was able to keep it under control with diet only but I had to be extremely strict.
    I had twins and had a c-section because neither could get down into the birth canal, they were blocking each other. I didn’t want a c-section either, but you will have to do what is the safest thing for your baby. When it comes right down to it, the birth experience is not for you, but for the baby. Good luck.

  3. Interesting how your baby is predicted to be small and big at the same time. This measuring is always wrong because your baby is always shifting positioning within the womb. You can’t measure a continually moving object. You will measure smaller again as the baby drops.

    If you are concerned about your baby getting the best nutrition you can offer, look at the optimal eating plan for two at blue ribbon baby. This eating plan helps a woman to keep her blood sugar and blood pressure levels even during pregnancy to prevent possible health problems.

    If you want to avoid c-section, pass on the induction drugs and the epidural drugs which often cause the baby to go into distress and can directly cause a c-section. Read a book on childbirth as well as pregnancy so that you now what to do to create a natural, drug free birth for you and your baby. There is much you can do to prevent c-section and have a health birth.

    Even if your baby is bigger, which I doubt, it is the positioning in birth not the size of the baby that counts. You can easily birth a heavier baby by remaining active during labor and remaining upright for delivery. Best wishes, G

  4. What A Look is TTC says:

    Your doctor should have explained that babies with mothers who have gestational diabetes can measure large due to the diabetes. The baby is measuring large due to water retention. Your OB really should have explained this to you and shouldn’t have just told you the baby measures huge. You may also want to look a little deeper into why your not seeing a maternal fetal medicine specialist. An MFM deals with high risk exclusivly and if your baby is having cord complications you should be seeing a MFM!!

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