42 year male 127 lbs high sugar; “bad” cholesterol. Recommended foods to eat? ?

Matheu G asked:

I eat several times a day and I try to eat healthy. My day starts at 0430 and eating at that time is not an option. I do not get hungry till about 0800 then I have a pb sandwich as a hold over till lunch My dr has told me to control my sugar and bad cholesterol with diet borderline diabetic

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  1. Count your carbs. The sugar is figured into the carb count, so don’t worry too much about that. You should have less than 15 servings (15g each) of carbohydrates daily, preferably 3-5 servings per meal and few for snacks. (FYI – Potatoes, rice, breads, pastas are all loaded in carbs.) Also for your colesterol, watch your fat intake as well, but do get plenty of lower fat proteins like tuna which are carb free. Good luck.

  2. chrissy gurl says:

    there is a website where they tell you how much of each food groups you should have according to you age and height i think it is mypyramid.gov you should check it out
    !!! C :

    the only thing i don’t know about is your or his high cholesterol

  3. Moped Mama says:

    oatmeal oatmeal..oatmeal, granola? yogurts, whole grains, v8 juice , ckn turkey tuna , corn, rice ,potatoes greens

  4. Diabetes is a condition you do not want linked to your health. Better to prevent this disease than trying to cure it. As Sandy suggested watch your carbohydrate intake. Also, do some regular aerobics exercise to burn off any excessive glucose (in your blood) you will benefit in fitness as well. I maybe bold as to suggest that you may wish to seek advice from an organization or individuel who specializes in low carbohydrate eating plans. They may charge a fee…but a persons health is more important than a few dollars. Good luck.

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