About Us

diabetic-information.com is run by a like-minded team of individuals that have been affected by diabetes personally or have had family members or close friends affected by this serious and debilitating conditions.

The information available concerning diabetes, how to cope with it and how to treat it can appear confusing, incomplete and subject to conflicting opinions of what works and doesn’t work.

We have collected and distilled what we believe to be the most useful information about the conditions that come under the diabetes umbrella and the approaches to treat them.

We hope you find some value in the pages on this web site. We would also like to hear from you. Email us of any experiences you may want to share with others, specifically if you have tried something that works for you which we haven’t covered. Not everything works for everyone who has diabetes but if something does work for one person there will probably be at least a few others that may benefit from the information.

Contact Us at info@diabetic-information.com