Addicted to diet soda?

Mrs. Reeves asked:

Okay…I know that doctors have been saying that if you must have a soda, then it’s actually best to have a regular soda. It turns out that the sweeteners in the diet soda can actually prohibit weight loss. However I’m diabetic so I can’t have the regular soda…is there any good way to break myself of having to have a diet soda with every meal. I also hear that the carbonation expands your stomach making you feel more hungry…

5 thoughts on “Addicted to diet soda?”

  1. supersoph1224 says:

    i dunno,i’ve done alright with having it everyday pretty much
    i’ve lost 28pounds!

  2. back off the diet soda slowly, for lunch today don’t have one, drink a lot of water, with dinner you can drink one, tommorrow do that again, eventually don’t drink one with dinner anymore either.

  3. to many of anything is no good for you..go to a health food store, inquire of whats good to help you break away from them…no good for your kidneys.

  4. Slowly cut your soda intake and over time just drop the habit. It took me six months and I’ve been soda free for over a month and no issues. Cutting cold turkey can cause crashes. Increase your water intake, which you may find helps balance your blood sugar levels over time.

  5. alexandra m says:

    you could get yourself unhooked if you mix 1/2 cup of diet sprite with 1/2 cup no sugar added/sugar free fruit juice because you will still get that bubbly taste without drinking the whole thing or switch to flavored sparkling water .

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