Any natural relief for foot pain for diabetics?

beachgirl asked:

My mom is a diabetic and has alot of pain in her feet. She has a sit down job, but her feet hurt her all the time. Her doctor has her on a medicine called Neurotin, but she can only take it at night because she gets so sleepy on it. I know that if she had a better diet it would help her. I also tell her to walk on the treadmill thinking that maybe getting some bloodflow to her feet will help her, but she says that makes them hurt worse and she can barely walk from the driveway to her front door. Does anyone know of some natural things, or even other pain killers, or anything that might help her with her feet. I have heard of diabetics having to get their feet cut off and i do not want it to come to that, please help!

2 thoughts on “Any natural relief for foot pain for diabetics?”

  1. Exercise and healthy diet will cure diabetes. Her feet hurt during exercise because of lack of oxygen to the muscles. The more she exercises the better it will feel.

  2. You cannot cure diabetes!!!! You can control the blood sugar and that is what she needs to do. The more out of control the worse the neuropathy. Lyrica is on the market now and works pretty good for the diabetic foot. But once the nerves have permanent damage then the pain will be there. That is why she should try to control the blood sugar, watch her diet and exercise.

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