Blacked out from Hypoglycemia?

Has anyone ever blacked out from Hypoglycemia?
I have had hypo symptoms since I was a kid, so has my brother. My grandpa is diabetic so I think it is an un-avoidable fate to have blood sugar problems in my family.
I have been getting my weakness “spells” very quickly lately, I mean the onset is within a couple minutes of feeling hungry. I used to have at least an hour or so before i started to get the usual symptoms like sweats, faintness, irritability, unable to think clearly, etc. Which NO ONE at my work seems to understand.. they look at me like Im losing my head or are a hypochondriac.
Maybe it’s getting worse? I actually blacked out last weekend, and I have never had that before!
My doc said that she doesn’t think i Have hypoglycemia. But the only times she ever checked my blood sugar levels was after lunch time and stuff when i had my sugar up.
What can i do to curb the symptoms without packing on a ton of weight?

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  1. hypoglycemia is low blood sugar below 70 mg/dL or 3.89 mmol/L
    hyperglycemia is diabetes high blood sugar above 126 mg/dL or 7.00 mmol/L

    hypo will cause dizzy blackout coma because not enough sugar going to the brain. i don’t think you have hypo if heredity is suspected. because your grandpa is hyper (diabetes)

    i had a blackout missed the subway station often, the brain scan shown a dark spot at the back of the brain (dead neurons no cure), the neurologist didn’t pursue farther.

    you should see a neurologist for the blackout.

    a portable meter measure the sugar in the plasma. in the lab blood test they measure
    (1) sugar in plasma
    (2) A1C sugar in red blood cells hemoglobin average reading for the past 6 wks. (if the red blood cells half-life is 6 wks).

    (the diff between plasma and red blood cells, think of plasma as transportation system and red blood cells are people travelling in a bus)

    you should have a blood test done by the lab

    sugar in plasma is not reliable, it is up and down depends on the time of day (highest at 8am lowest at 5pm), could lead to wrong diagnostic. so most doctors rely on A1C results to prescribe medication

    A1C = 3.63 for hypo and A1C = 5.70 for hyper (diabetes)

    the relationship of A1C and plasma glucose in the internet is not uniform, the most reliable is using the following experimental formula
    %A1C = (mg/dL + 77.3) / 35.6 or
    %A1C = (mmol/L + 4.29) / 1.98

  2. Do you no you can go to a other doctor if you don’t think she is diding right. If you think the doctor should do more then checked your blood sugar levels you meed to do some thing.

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