Bodybuilding Diet Questions?

Hi, I am a type two diabetic. I am trying to figure out my diet because what i have tried has not worked. I would like some help in my dilemma. Here’s the diet I am on now. My protien sources are lean beef, turkey, chicken, tuna and salmon.
My carb sources are usually in the fiberous family, broccoli, cauliflower, etc. My good fat intake are usually from avocado, fatty fish, peanuts, etc. I am allergic to tree nuts (usually walnuts, but will not try to experiment. Done that with peanuts and not allergic to them.) and mushrooms.
My ratio is 2:1:1 protien to carbs and fats. I try to eat 225g of protein per day. I don’t or try not to, eat high glycemic carbs. What am I missing?

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  1. mayday3374 says:

    frank, because of the low amount of carbs taken in, i would try to boost the fat intake a little more to get more calories in each day. i dont know if you are able to eat oatmeal or yams and baked potatoes and stuff like that. if these foods give you trouble, i would opt to eat more red meats which have higher fat than chicken and turkey. you need to create a calorie surplus somehow, and we can only eat so much protein and brocolli before we are sick of it. you may be able to throw some burger in here and there without raising bf % much, simply because your carb intake is so low. stick to the fatty fishes like salmon again simply because the caloric intake will be higher than non fatty fish like tilapia and tuna. hope this helps you out a bit.

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