Borderline diabetic ?

My husband was told years ago that he is borderline diabetic. He isn’t on meds; he just has to watch his diet and eat something sweet every day or two to keep his sugar levels up. (I’ve never seen his sugar get too high, it just gets too low sometimes.)
He has been having some other problems the past few months, and now the dr is saying it might be diabetes-related, and he has to go get it checked and probably start taking meds. Would that be type 1 or type 2? Will he have to go on insulin or pills, or adjust his diet? Just looking for opinions or info from someone in a similar situation. my husband is 6-3, and weighs @ 180 right now. He was up to 190 until he got sick a few weeks ago, and he lost 20-25 lbs in a matter of 5-6 days. (salmonella infection) Thats what threw everything into a spin… or at least what made him start paying attn to his body better. he still isnt having high sugar, and doesnt have low sugar very often, maybe once a month or so.
he is having some stomach/intestinal problems that the dr thinks is diabetes related. the other problems— loose stools for over a year, acid reflux… dr did upper GI scope, said his stomach was red, took biopsy… said food is staying in his stomach too long, put him on reglan. in addition to prilosec and levsin/sl he’s already on… GI specialist thinks all this is diabetes-related

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  1. if he becomes a diabetic now, this will be type 2, most likely pills at the moment, good luck

  2. I have insulin resistance which put in basic terms is known as a pre-diabetic condition where you insulin levels are high but your sugar levels are normal (except at night where I can get low sugar levels and really crave sugar) this could be whats happening – if he has this it would be type 2 non insulin dependant and there is a tablet you can take for this (called Metformin in Australia)

  3. I’m a diabetic nurse. I imagine, if he was not diagnosed as a child with diabetes that it is probably type 2. He is having hypoglycemic episodes. The doctor will probably start out with diet control, if that isn’t effective, then he will start him on diet and oral medications. If he continues to have problems, or starts going the other way and having high blood sugars, he may end up on insulin. But hypoglycemia should be treatable with diet if he is conscientious about sticking to his diet. Trust your doctor. If you want more information, just google diabetes or hypoglycemia. You should be able to find lots of information online. There are many books in bookstores that can help too. Try your local free library. Good luck.

  4. TIMOTHY D L says:

    Borderline diabetes is becoming a lost term. Research has found that borderline diabetes can actually be a few different conditions. However, you may think you have borderline diabetes if you have a glucose level of 140 to 199 mg/dl at the two-hour measurement during an oral glucose test or if your fasting blood glucose level is between 110 and 125mg/dl. Your diabetes symptoms could actually be impaired glucose tolerance, insulin resistance, or Type 2 diabetes. Impaired glucose tolerance is the result of insulin resistance, when the body doesn’t react to insulin thus making dangerously high levels of insulin to move glucose. Insulin resistance can cause clogged arteries, high blood pressure and impaired glucose tolerance. Eventually, the body can’t make enough insulin to move glucose, resulting in the same damage as Type 2 diabetes, damage to the heart, eyes, and kidneys.

  5. coltbretmaverick says:

    look at three things A is for a1c this is ablood test fodiabetes if it is above 6 thats not good B is for blood pressure it needs to be below 140/80 Cis for cholesterol above 200 total is bad all 3 add up to type 2 diabetes your husband will only need oral medications doubtful any insulin ever.Last keep his weight down
    overweight makes it all worse.tell hubby to see a specialist in internal medicine,soon

  6. Happy_golucky says:

    Borderline is an old term that is seldom used anymore. Now it is called “pre-diabetic.” Someone that has a bs reading of 120 more than two testings. If he is now having a problem with bs higher than this he would be a type 2 and would probably be tried on oral medications first, depending on how high his bs are and how long they have been running high. Type 2’s are treated with insulin also.

  7. You don’t really say what “other problems” he’s been having that might be diabetes related. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease where the body’s own immune system attacks the insulin making cells in your pancreas. It can happen at any time, any age, but is usually diagnosed before age 25. Type 2 would be associated with his borderline diagnosis of years ago. Since his blood sugar is not elevated he’s probably either still border line, or now it’s called Prediabetes. When the name Borderline was changed to Prediabetes the diagnosising criteria was also lowered. The level of your husbands glucose at the time he was diagnosed years ago might actually put him in the diabetes range of diagnosis, which was also lowered recently. The reason diagnostic glucose ranges were lowered was because research was finding that even below “borderline” levels, damage could be done. As a matter of fact, most type 2 diabetics already have damage of some sort before they’re diagnosed. Without knowing the problems your doctor is referring to, just go in and have him checked. It’s doubtful that he needs insulin if his glucose is not elevated. He might need some medication to help his body use glucose better and it’s possible that he may need to take a look at his diet. It’ll be okay, try not to worry to much.

  8. lilcavichick says:

    im a nurse and ill tell you first off there is no such thing as borderline diabeties sorry either he is or he isnt look it up

  9. NecropolisXR says:

    There’s no such thing as borderline diabetes.

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