Diabetic Socks

Ecosox has been promoting a range of socks targetted at diabetics. They have a nice feel but take a little bit of getting used to if you’ve never worn bamboo socks.  Yes! That’s correct. Bamboo!  They are advertised as being good for most activites and the range for diabetics are supposed to aid in circulation of the feet.  We haven’t noticed anything special about them but would be interested to hear from anyone who has used these or other circulation friendly socks – good or bad experiences.

Natural or Herbal Pain Treatment for Diabetic Nerve Damage

Alexis Sapheena asked:

My mother is 63 years old and has Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes, Shingles, Gout, Edema, and Lung Disease. Over the past 14 months she has injured the bottom of her feet , the first injury occur ed when she stepped on an ice cube that was on the kitchen floor. She didn’t slip and she did not fall but the pain that was to come for the next 2 weeks was most excruciating and almost unbearable at times! She could not walk on either foot or bear any weight on them, it was really unbelievable the pain in both feet from so little trauma to the one foot!! About 8 days ago she stepped on a little bitty piece of macaroni on the kitchen floor and has been writhing in pain and unable to walk ever since!! She has been taking Ativan and Tramadol for the pain but its pretty much not doing anything. What I’m wondering is if there is any Herbal or natural products to help ease this type of pain?