Has anyone had a big baby after having gestational diabetes? If so, what happened?

Franie J asked:

Could someone please let me know about their health and the baby’s after being born after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes?

During the day my glucose level is within a normal range. That’s because I’m taking a morning dose of 2.0 mg of glyburide.  However, I have very high blood sugar immediately when I get up in the morning before breakfast. I’ve been told by my physician that the high fasting level can result in a big baby.  If babies unusually large, I’ve also been told, they loses weight over the first days after birth.  No-one has told me what exactly is big – 11-12 pounds? Anybody told they were having a baby over 10 pounds and then didn’t?  I would appreciate any information from someone who has gone through it.

33 weeks pregnant w/ gestational diabetes?

millergrl_07 asked:

i recently went to the dr. for a apt. she said that im measuring 4 weeks BIGGER then suppost to be… there scared my baby will be to big to push out and that i will have to have a csection… (i want natural birth)… Also most importantly 3months ago they noticed that my baby only had 2 blood vessels in the umbilical cord instead of 3 which makes the baby not get enough nutrients, oxygen, ect…. the question is is that normal that she is HUGE and 3 months ago they told me she was going to be SMALL?… advice please im scared…

and if you have gone threw this how did your experience go and when did you give birth?…