Could I possibly have diabetes or Do I have enough to take to the Doctor?

skyefalls81 asked:

I have looked around & though I have found some of my symptoms I have some which have thrown me off:
My grandmother & my other grandfather both had diabetes. My mom had diabetes when she was pregnant with me
I am overweight & 17
I get sick if I don’t eat on time. Dizziness/headaches start to kick in about half an hour or so after I miss my meal & get increasingly worse as time goes on
Always have headaches (I am not sure if this is relevant but it doesn’t hurt to include all the facts)
Exercise schedule varies
Tend to be dehydrated, but I get thirsty a lot
Tend to have to go to the bathroom a lot
Tend to eat unhealthily
I have had moments where I’ll be looking at something in & everything will turn to black and white & I will feel my self swaying back and forth. My head will pound & I feel chills
I have slow healing cut/scratches
I’ve recently found out that chocolate and natural sugars help to dull/numb the pain and even make it go away.
What should I do?Thank you.

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  1. sounds more like anxiety.

  2. GO TO THE DOCTOR !!!!!

    in fact i am surprised with your family history of diabetes that your doctor hasn’t already checked you for it

    all the best

  3. Hi,

    You certainly have a number of the ‘classic’ symptoms of diabetes and you certainly have enough to go see the doctor.

    The intial checks are quick and fairly simple (A urine test and possibly a blood test) these will be enough for the doctor to decide whether it appears you have the condition and he/she will probably refer you urgently (assuming the worst) to the nearest diabetic clinic.

    In the meantime try not to eat any very high sugar content foods, like chocolate, cakes (all the things you probably like, I suppose) and keep drinking plenty of water, thirst is one of the syptoms which is a part of your body’s defense mechanism trying to dilute the high blood sugar content.

    Hope everything turns out well for you. You can still have a good life even with the condition.



  4. The Instigator says:

    You have some very good reasons to go to the doctor. Explain the symptoms you’ve described to a general practitioner, I guess. Perhaps he will refer you to someone who specializes in diabetes – it sounds like you are diabetic or at least pre-diabetic – and if he doesn’t recommend a nutritionalist, you may want to ask him to, or seek one on your own. Finding a way to get some mild cardiovascular exercise is crucial. Slowly work your way up to a consistent, somewhat vigorous routine.

  5. irishbarfight says:

    Honey, get to a doctor right away. Both my grandmother (maternal) my mother..and ALL of my great aunts/uncles on my mother’s side have either Type I or II diabetes. I had nearly all the same symptoms as you, and was diagnosed with Insulin Resistance (aka: Metabolic Syndrome) bordering on Type II. If you’re on the cusp of becoming “full blown”..the sooner you get treated, the better chance you have of possibly “reversing” the effects. Set up a steady exercise regime for yourself (at least 30-45 minutes a day..even if its just walking), cut out ALL junk foods..and try to avoid large quantities of carbohydrates/added sugars whenever possible. If you can lose some weight, it’ll be easier for your body to utilize the insulin you may still be producing (so your pancreas doesn’t totally shut down, and the eyelett cells don’t die on you) In short..DEFINITELY see your doctor to set up a fasting glucose test (takes your b.s. level after fasting for 8-12 hours), and a glucose tolerance test (drink a HEAVILY sweetened liquid, and they test your b.s at regular intervals over several hours to see if its dropping to a “normal” level in the accepted time frame). I know it ***** hearing this, but if you don’t get treated…very bad things can happen to your body and I, myself wouldn’t wish that on anyone. Good luck, and I’ll keep you in my thoughts.

  6. just with your medical history, grandparents having diabetes, is enough to go to the doctor with.

    Just go ask for a complete physical, telling dr about grandparents diabetes and mothers gestational diabetes.

    you are genetically predisposed to getting it.

  7. Rajeswari A says:

    dear friend,
    you need not fear because u can rectify
    by simple treatement such as walking etc., for details please visit

  8. palemalefriend says:

    Hi Skyefall…

    The fact that you are thirsty a lot & have to go to the bathroom frequently are the 2 hallmark symptoms of Diabetes. Now, I am not saying that you have it, because you also have a lot of other symptoms.

    However, you should definitely be tested for Diabetes, especially since it is in your family. That puts you at a higher risk of developing Diabetes.

    It is very easy for a doctor to test you for Diabetes. He/she will do a blood test called a hemoglobin A1c test. That shows how your glucose (sugar) levels have been doing for the past 3 months. You should not be over 6% if you do not have Diabetes. If you are over 6%, you have Diabetes. It’s as simple as that.

    You should go as quickly as possible, since you are having so many disturbing symptoms. If you do have Diabetes, high (or low) numbers can cause very strange symptoms. If your numbers get too high (or low), it can even be dangerous. So, get it checked out.

    If you do have Diabetes, the doctor will set you up with insulin or oral medications, depending on the type of Diabetes & other factors. The main goal will be to get your glucose levels back into a normal range. I won’t go into everything you should know, because if you do have Diabetes, the doctor plus the Diabetes Educator will get you started on whatever plans are needed for your particular situation.

    If you do NOT have Diabetes, your doctor still should know about what is happening because something is not right.

    So, first, make an appointment for a Diabetes test. While you are waiting for your appointment, I think you should avoid the cakes, chocolates, etc. Try to eat as healthy as you possibly can. Try not to put off your meals — don’t let yourself get too hungry. Eat your 3 meals a day, on a regular basis. Have a healthy snack between the meals, preferably ones that are a combination of protein and carbohydrates, i.e., an apple with a quarter cup of almonds, or a low-fat yogurt. These snacks will carry you through to your next meal.

    I hope you don’t have Diabetes; but many other things can be a lot worse than having Diabetes, as long as it is controlled. Please try to get to the doctor.

    I wish you the best of luck & the best of health.

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