Could this be diabetes?

memyselfand I asked:

I had random stick tests on a meter after eating large amounts of pasta or some kind of sugar. read 300. I usually never eat this much. I have been on psych meds for 10 years and off for 2. I gained alot of weight from them but since getting off I lost 30 + pounds – trying to eat healthier but hard cause im on ssi- eating more salads and using natural meds. told dr about this and he gave me panel- cholesterol high, A1C normal range for normal person, bp and everything else normal I sometimes urinate a lot but not at night.
I am not excessively hungry or thirsty except before my period. Drs test wit A1c was a 12 hr fast
was on most antidepressants but dr took me off. I use natural meds for depresion and other things.
also had a minor procedure done for some thing unrelated. incision was 5cm deep and it 1 1/2 weeks to heal.

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  1. No. You cannot test yourself after a meal like that. You need to test yourself after 12 hours of fasting. That will be the only correct indication. Your A1C is in line, which means you’re fine. You probably urinate more often when you’ve had extra liquids – or you’re just paying too much attention to how often you go. I think it’s important to re-assess whether you may need to again take medications to control your anxiety.

  2. Michael M says:

    Do you check it other times? After eating carbs or sugars it should go up normally. Are you always hungry? Doesn’t sound like you do.

  3. just test when you first wake up in the morning.
    don’t eat anything or drink anything until after you test

  4. From my experience, 300 is too high for after a meal. I have tested family members who don’t have diabetes to compare after meals and their blood sugar never went over 160. Of course, it is good advice to test in the morning before you eat or drink anything. Make sure you do this having not eaten anything after midnight the night before so that you have 8 full fasting hours. If blood glucose is over 126 it should be considered high, a few numbers over may not mean anything but 300 is not a normal range for anyone. If your A1C is normal maybe you have just developed this which is a good thing.

    What meds were you on? Meds for bipolar such as Seroquel can cause diabetes and so do other psych meds.

  5. If your A1C was normal, then you probably do not have diabetes. One reading that high is alarming, but you may have gotten a bad reading due to something on your skin or the meter may not have been calibrated or something like that. It’s too late now but after such an unusual reading, you should have checked again immediately then maybe 2+ hours later.

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