SereneSerenity asked:

Is it possible for a cat to have diabetes? My mom said our cat has it but my mom generally doesn’t know what she is talking about.

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  1. ?? Seattle ?? says:

    Hi there…in order to confirm if a cat has diabetes there needs to be a blood glucose test done from your vet. If the blood sugar is elevated the vet will then be able to give you the appropriate course of care for the cat. Here are a few website articles on feline diabetes mellitus:

  2. torbaynewfs says:

    Yes, cats can be diabetic. It needs to be diagnosed by a vet through blood work. Cats do not do as well as dogs since they are harder to regulate. They require daily or twice daily insulin injections and a special diet. They need to see a vet frequently to have the insulin dose regulated, since it can change over time.

  3. phoenixheat says:

    Yes. Check online as I did and it will give you symptoms, treatments, etc.

  4. Diabetes is very common in cats. But it takes a blood or urine test to diagnose it. Has your cat been to the vet? Also, it is very disrespectful to speak about your mom that way. No matter how dumb you think she is, she gave birth to you. You owe her your respect.

  5. Yes, but the only way to tell is to take your cat to your vet. They will want to run a blood panel to check his/her glucose level, along with a possible urinalysis. Signs of diabetes are increase in water consumption, along with *********. It is most common in overweight cats.

  6. yes

  7. SoalJawab says:

    To proof try testing its blood with a glucometer!!

  8. Yes, cats can have diabetes. One of mine did. I tried for a year to get his blood regulated (2 insulin shots per day). Frequent trips to the vet. Sometimes they can be regulated, unfortunately, mine was not, and was diagnosed, “uncontrolled”. He finally succumbed to the disease. Your vet can tell by a blood test if your cat is diabetic. Another way to determine is if the urine clumps in the cat box are very large, sometimes very “sticky” or “gummy” (sorry, that’s the best way I can describe it). Good luck, I hope you cat fairs better than mine did.

  9. Yes, we have a cat that is diabetic. It’s prety common in cats. But, they get insulin like people, and will be ok.

  10. robtiger2 says:

    yes of course cats can get diabetes, but if you mom thinks she can diagnose your kitty just by looking at it, you are probably right that she does not know what she is talking about. Some signs are excessive thirst, and frequent *********. do a simple blood glucose test, this will be the definitive test.

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