Diabetic question?

I am going to the doctor in a couple days for a blood test. I am thinking I may be diabetic.  It runs in my family and I have many of the symptoms. What my question is I am always thirsty…
I have been drinking it.
And it just seems to make me thirstier. Anyone have any recomendations on what to drink? I have tried G2 and regular gatorade, soda, diet soda, teas…et.  I just keep wondering if there is something else I haven’t tried – and I do not drink alcohol. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Well, I like to drink crystal light. A lot of my family and 2 of my friends are diabetic so I’ve gotten really used to it. It’s a good way to get hydrated without loads of sugar. It is sugar free but doesn’t have the aftertaste some diet products have. I’m pretty sure it uses Aspartame as a sweetener. It is good for covering up the taste of bad tap water are taste-less bottled water.

  2. SugarBabie says:

    If you have diabetes, the thirst is a symptom of the disease itself and is your body’s way of protecting itself. Water helps your body get rid of excess sugar, so don’t cut back on it.

    Water isn’t making you thirstier, the diabetes is.

    Either that or dehydration (if its not diabetes).

    If you are thirsty drink more water. It won’t hurt you to increase your intake and if it IS diabetes, then nothing else will help get that sugar down as quickly until you can get on medications or insulin.

    Do NOT drink gatorade, or other drinks or even diet soda until you know what’s going on. Plain tea without milk or sugar is ok. Use Splenda if you want it sweet. Milk will raise blood sugar more, so will soda and gatorade, etc.

    Good luck!

  3. If you think you’re diabetic, you don’t want to be drinking liquids with sugar in it. This includes juices.

    I **** drinking water too … so I just take it like medicine. A certain number of times per day, I just go and chug some. Many bottled waters taste better than what comes out of the tap … I think Aquafina and Deer Park taste much better. Diet sodas are okay too … you might want to avoid caffeine at the moment though, because they can dehydrate you. Diet A&W Root Beer tastes really good, and it doesn’t have any caffeine. Diet Cherry 7up is pretty good too.

    If your thirst is diabetes related, then drinking water is not making you thirstier. When your blood sugar gets high, your body attempts to get rid of the excess sugar (and ketones if you’re extremely high) through your urine. So your body is pulling a lot of fluid out of your tissues to flush that stuff out, which makes you dehydrated. And being dehydrated can make your blood sugars go even higher.

    Actually, there is one way it can make you thirstier. When you drink fluids, don’t drink your fluids for the whole day all at once. You can’t just drink a huge amount of water once per day … that will signal your body to get rid of fluids and then you will end up extra thirsty in a few hours. You have to space it out throughout the day.

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