Diabetic to Non-Diabetic?

souldoctor asked:

I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic in July 2004 with an A1C of 8.1%. Since then I have been very mindful of diet, exercise, and weight loss, and my A1C’s have fluctuated within the 6%’s. I do not take any medication or insulin for control. Much to my joy, my last A1C was 5.9%! I understand this number to be technically within the non-diabetic range, and if my glucose readings over the past 90 days are any indication, I fully expect my A1C to drop even lower. Is it possible I could become a non-diabetic, or am I simply a diabetic under great control?

11 thoughts on “Diabetic to Non-Diabetic?”

  1. Diabetes is lifelong so you are still diabetic but you have it under control.

  2. Nancy Kay says:

    Simply a diabetic under great control??? There’s nothing simple about it….GOOD WORK!!! Hopefully you will remain vigilant and never have to go on any medication, and with good control, you will be able to avoid all the horror stories of diabetic complications. Congrats!!!!!

  3. gaillee01 says:

    You are a diabetic under great control and I applaud you! My Dad was diabetic and I understand what you have done to get to where you are!

    Unfortunately, once diagnosed, this is not a condition you can reverse. Only maintain! It seems to me that you are doing just that!

    Keep doing what you do and blow the socks off that doctor!

  4. vw66hotbugtallen says:

    your in good control keep up the great work I have it too my numbers were 5.6 but your still diabetic

  5. justwondering says:

    Does it really matter? You’re doing great, but if you slip back on your program, you know what will happen, right?

    Great job!!

  6. diabetic, under control. Congratulations and keep up the good work!

  7. plushy_bear says:

    First of all, congratulations on your self-control and will-power. I can take a page from your book!
    Unfortunately, you are never a non-diabetic. Once you have the disease, you will always be a diabetic. However, as your last sentence said, you are now a diabetic under great control and must always be mindful.
    Good luck to you!

  8. “once a diabetic always a diabetic”
    How ever your results are fantastic.It shows what can be done.
    You have taken advice and taken responsibility for yourself. you have stopped your diabetes from progressing and decreased dramatically the chance of complications.
    you must continue with the combination of diet and exercise and maintain a healthy weight.The exercise is important as this enables the muscles to use the sugars.By exercising you reduce your insulin resistance .
    Well done

  9. I am in the low 6’s and asked my Dr the same thing. He explained that the hbac1 # represents an adverage blood glucose level over the previous 4 months and that when it is 6 or under it just means that your sugars have been stabalized and well managed (way to go!) but you are still diabetic, just diet controlled. It may change and you have to go back on meds but for now keep doing what your doing!

  10. exercise, diet and weight loss are all good things, you have done a great job if you are all under control. You are still probably considered a diabetic, but very controlled…so pretty much you have made it not a problem for yourself, which is soo good!

  11. You have diabetes forever sorry bub

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