Did the FDA approve Actos too early, and what are the potential side effects for those with diabetes?

Actos in Europe

Actos in Europe

In June of 2011 the drug had its sales left hanging by pharmaceutical regulators in Germany and France because of the possible links with bladder cancer and around this time the French authorities commissioned their own study. In it French Drugs Agency looked at 155,000 folk who were taking the drug in France between 2006 and 2009 and they also looked at another 1.3 million diabetic sufferers who were not taking Actos.

It came to light that Actos takers have a 22% heavier risk of developing bladder cancer than the ones that failed to take the drug. These figures were noticeably higher in any person taking a cumulative dose of over 28,000 mg or more during this study period. If you or a friend has developed bladder cancer and believe that it could be because of taking the diabetes drug, then be rest assured that there’s a form of recourse that you can take. Contact an experienced Los Angeles attorney for further details.

Actos In the US

In the light of these observations, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) commissioned a review on the drug that is still under way. At first pharmaceutical corporation Takeda who make the drug did their own inquiries into this and said that a ten-year study hadn’t indicated a serious enough relationship between the drug and bladder cancer. However what did come to light was that any patients taking the drug over an extended length of time (two years or more) did indeed face an ‘exposed ‘ danger to bladder cancer. In spite of the bans in France and Germany, Actos is still regularly prescribed as a help to type two diabetes in the States.

At present investigations are still going on by the FDA and other authorities. Class action legal actions are at present being put together by experienced Los Angeles attorneys and many of them will offer free court action analyses so that influenced folk can have a no duty meeting so that they can discern whether they have got a case to say anything.

Clearly this is something that isn’t going to go as more and more cases are coming to light, so if you happen to feel you’re a victim to the diabetes drug Actos, then don’t suffer quietly, be rest assured that a highly skilled team of Los Angeles attorneys will aggressively fight your corner to deliver the full and fair compensation that you need.

Your health is at risk once the potential side-effects of taking actos appear. At present there’s a massive enquiry being implemented with regards to the side effects of actos.