Diet plan for my 39 years old diabetic husbnd?

Hope and believe asked:

My husbnd is diabetic and his cholestrol level and blood pressures are also high.  I’m really worried about him. What can you people suggest to me to shape his diet? He is 39 years old his weight is also little bit over the normal level for his age and height.

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  1. Plenty fruits and veggies fish chicken and turkey, garlic on food and apple cider vinegar are good for cholestrol and blood pressure,cinnammon is good for diabeties.Just eat small meals several times a day instead of 3 big meals will keep sugar levels down.

  2. Take regular doses of insulin, twice per week. Food rich in fats must be avoided and other nutrients that are needed in large quantity must be taken at an specific interval of time . Of course regular exercises must not be neglected (35 minutes per day). You must take in account that he must get a regular check up by a doctor

  3. sugar free foods, low carb, high protein along with exercises

  4. It’s tough to plan a meal for a diabetic and not isolate them from the family. That is special meals just for them and something else for everyone else.

    Not to worry, I recommend Taste of Home web site. I like that variety, simple to prepare, tastes great and good for the whole family. Need a little in sight as to positive life style as well. Visit my blog site and read about my life style change.

    Best Wishes.

  5. SBflyer99 says:

    Egg whites, tea with cinnamon. Cinnamon lowers blood sugar, according to new research

    Green salads with fish, preferably salmon or tuna

    Green vegetables and fish

  6. chicken, turkey, turkey kielbasi with frozen vegetables, no potatoes, no rice, no pasta turkey sausage is good too

  7. After you and your husband see an endocrinologist and get the appropriate medications for diabetes, blood pressure and his cholesterol levels, see a dietitian and find out what foods and meal plans are best for your husband.

  8. Try to look for low carb tortillas to substitue for bread. WalMart carries them. Use them for wraps, tacos etc. Ground turkey is good as well…cook it like hamburger. Spice it with chili powder and garlic powder. Then use those tortillas some salsa and lots of lettuce etc. That’s been a God send for me.

    Special K Protein cereal and strawberries in the morning.

    Also, someone mentioned just egg whites but i saw somwhere that egg yolks actually raise the good cholestrol (HDL). May want to research that. The egg was good, bad, then good again then bad etc…but I know many nutrionists that swear by eggs.

    Unsalted Almonds for snack. Just remember to watch your portions on everything you eat. Less food…More meals!!!

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