Does anyone know the best way to lower blood sugar naturally?

I desperately need to know what is best way to lower blood sugar naturally?

Russell76 asked:
I desperately need to know what is best way to lower blood sugar naturally?I have a diagnosed diabetic condition and I’d like an alternative to all the medications I’m being given.  I hate the chemicals and they make me put on weight.

I’ve changed my diet and am eating what I believe to be a very healthy and nutritional diet plan.  Also, I’m exercising five times a week, however, by blood sugar levels are still very high

I can avoid insulin shots twice daily but have stopped the other medications.

Help!!!  What alternatives are there?  What is the best way to lower blood sugar naturally?

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  1. Eat smaller meal portions. It’s helped me!

  2. When your blood sugar is high, and you are not taking any insulin (which is I assume is what you are doing), and then you exercise, you are actually making things much worse. Excercising while your sugar is high causes your body to produce ketones. Since you don’t have any insulin on board, then your body begins to starve and breakdown fat for energy. The result is ketosis which can be fatal. You need to have some insulin in you, or all the exercise in the world won’t help a bit!

  3. recycle_miser says:

    According to the “health gurus”, the biggest single thing you can do is start putting ground cinnamon into your food–the more, the merrier.

  4. westbrookgirl2001 says:

    The best way is 3 meals a day within your calorie limits,as well time your meals for the same time every day eg.breakfast 8-30am
    lunch 12-30pm
    dinner 5-30pm
    or whatever works for you.That is the schedule that I have.Exercise with me walking my dog seems to help me.Since Christmas my sugars went from the 20’s down to 8 and 10.The moral to my story is get a puppy and start walking your sugars will go down.Hope this helped you a little.Good luck

  5. neuroinfo2004 says:

    Hi, I’m your man for natural health solutions. Unfortunately, I don’t really know the effect on diabetes, so check with a nutritionist.

    There are some things you can try. Eat a ripe papaya every morning on an empty stomach and don’t eat anything for 2 hours after that. Do this for 30 days.

    Alternatively, research has shown that you can cure high blood pressure by eating the kernel out of the seeds of a watermelon. Eat half a teaspoon of the kernel every morning.

    Hope this helps.

  6. To lose weight, I am on Byetta. It helps me lose the weight & control blood sugar. Naturally?…try eating radishes &/or adding vinegar to your diet.

  7. maresyandquiggly says:

    Observe how much meat you are eating. Around 45% of protein eaten will be converted to glucose when digested.

  8. I am 65 and diabetic for the past 16 years. I have a suffered a whole lot from misinformation and quick answers from people and doctors, who are not diabetic. I was in very serious trouble for 9 years, until 1998. I work in big place and finally I started getting some answers.
    This is what I did, I am in better control:
    – I started using Gymnema sylvestre, I take around 10 tablets everyday. It must be taken with meals, since it works on food. Started with one tablet with each meal. You have learn to use it. It will take some time.
    – During 9 years my sugar used to be more than 350 all the time. Because I was eating very healthy (I thought so), i.e. mostly whole wheat, and other whole grains.
    Finally I stopped whole wheat, after 7 days my blood sugar dropped to around 180. I am type 2. Gymnema Sylvestre I started about 1 1/2 years after that. Now instead of whole wheat I eat white flower and boiled chicken, lentils, etc.
    – I was tired of people giving me all kind of suggestions, so I decided to do some work myself. For about couple of weeks I tested my sugar(around 40 times) before and after eating different foods. It gave me most of the facts. By the way I found sugar from whole wheat sits in your body for 6 to 14 days.
    – I also learned acidic foods raise blood sugar weight etc.It happens because overacidity is like meat tenderizer. Tissue damage in the stomach does not allow you to digest food properly. Also agressive exercise can also damage stomach tissues, leading to excessive weight. Try avoiding just for couple of weeks see what you find?
    – Presently I am taking Glyburide, Actos, and Lentus
    (insulin replacement shots)
    My recommendation is search google for gymnema sylvestre, and overacidity. also do not trust anybody including you, verify everything, if you can.
    Good luck. No one know how it feels like to be a diabetic except you. I hope this information could help you.

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