Does “spicy apple cider” sound like a good soda flavor?

Anna W asked:

I drink Zevia (natural diet pop) because I’m diabetic, and they encourage their patrons to suggest flavors. I’m not really fond of citrus flavors, and I can’t drink caffeine, so that limits me to their root beer. To me, “spicy apple cider” sounds like it would taste really good as a soda. I wanted to know how many people agree with me. Just say “yes” or “no.”

6 thoughts on “Does “spicy apple cider” sound like a good soda flavor?”

  1. yes… or pumpkin with pear :]

  2. Sounds good

  3. graeme1944 says:

    Definately, I love Apple Cider anyway.

  4. Yes. It sounds different. I’d love to try that.

  5. sorry cant say yes or no there is a mexican soda called sidral thats apple cider you would like it

  6. Kaline-The-Great_One says:


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