Everybody is dieting, I need to "gain" weight. Im looking for suggestions. Im diabetic, so sweets are out.

scooterds06 asked:

I’m a 46 year old male and afraid of asking girls out because I’m slender. I work out and eat right but I just can’t gain weight. I’m diabetic so eating alot of high calory foods are out.  Help!

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  1. southerngirl84 says:

    Eat lots of meats and put sauce on everything. Stuff like burgers and pizzas will work. If you’re worried about raising your blood sugar too high then eat smaller portions of high-protien, high carb foods.

  2. sweetjazjaz says:

    Protein shakes and protein bars. People that work out often use it to build up.

  3. hoochiemama2000_uk says:

    My friend was in a similar position to you, although he wasn’t diabetic, he just couldn’t put on weight.

    What he did was eat more meals in a day full of proteins etc, and did alot of weight training, actually he pretty much ate what he liked but lots of it…like potatoes, pasta, rice etc. As i don’t know much about diabetes, i’d recommend going seeing your GP or a dietician before you start drastically changing your eating habits.

    Good luck and you can do it!

  4. Brianna B says:


  5. irunwithscissors25 says:

    im sure your just wonderful. try sugar free peanut butter and bananas or banana chips go for it ask someone out anyway if they say no your not “their type” then hey they got a compliment and we all could use one of those once and a while right? don’t stress so much, lol have a good day

  6. Wants2know says:

    Seeing as you are diabetic you should talk to a certified nutritionist. A nutritionist will be able to put you on the right track for healthy weight gain. Best of luck.

  7. being diabetic you should be careful about gaining weight. they say weight gain can be harmful when you have diabetes. but if you are looking for healthy foods for weight gain, i do suggest rice , breads, pizza will definitely put on the weight. also suggest skipping breakfast, sometimes that can shift your metabolism and slow it down a bit.

  8. joani282003 says:

    I think the best thing you could do is ask your diabetes educator or dietition what the best things for you to gain weight would be to eat. I’ve been a diabetic for 50 years. Good luck gaining weight and finding someone special. People come in all sizes-don’t be afraid because you are thin to ask someone out. Best wishes!

  9. FreedomLover says:

    Quit worrying about it. Lots of ladies like a scrawny guy. Just be happy with yourself, control your Diabetes as best as you can and ask the Ladies out! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! The difference between the guy who gets the girl and the man who spends his life alone is a 5% increase in courage! Just Go For It! Good Luck!

  10. meshelle2kz says:

    If you are looking to gain lean muscle mass not fat. and you want to do it safely and healthfully then you should try this system. it uses the right amount of the right proteins to help your body gain optimal weight. best of all its in the form of protein shakes so you don’t have to worry bout sugar or pills. for more information visit my website. just type in or look for a system called build bulk. don’t be fooled by the name of the site we have products for more then just weight-loss . i promise 🙂

  11. franciatanael says:

    If you are not using insulin that’s why you cannot eat that much, in that case, my sister gained weight by eating everything continuously in moderation, no table sugar or food with table sugar (but she eat fruits in small amount). She never allow herself to get hungry. You should have 3 meals a day and between it eat anything but not anything with table sugar or so sweet foods. Your meal must have vegetable, fish or meat and a little fruit. Be sure to take vit C and B complex everyday in small dose only. If your blood sugar is getting high increase your vit C and B comlex. 500 mg. ascorbic acid and with good combination of B complex that is not high in dosage. In case you feel very hungry you eat soda cracker amd reishi coffee. Remember: don’t allow yourself to get hungry. There should always have that kind of nutritious food to nourish your body.

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