Gestational Diabetes (GD) and Delivery?

Hi I am currently 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant… I have diagnosed with GD at 12 weeks and have been taking good control of my diet… my Hba1c test results are superb as they are at non-diabetic lvl…
My baby’s weight is within the graph and my gynae is quite proud and satisfied with my progress… However, all said and done, my gynae feels tat I should go for an induced delivery or c-sec if I do not show any sign of delivery by my 39 weeks because according to him, no matter what, GD is still a medical complication…
I am scheduled to go for my c-sec tomorrow… I chose C-Sec over induced delivery because I heard many stories tat induced wont work and u might need to go for emergency c-sec later on and gynae usually gives u 12 hrs to dilate for induced…
Should I tell my gynae I do not want c-sec tomorrow as I still wan to give myself a chance of natural delivery but what if I shldnt delay anymore for baby’s sake? But if my diet control is good, baby shldnt be harm isnt it? I really dont know what I shld do… Shld I go ahead and have c-sec tomorrow???

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  1. AnnaMarie says:

    I would listen to your doctor. If a c-section is a safer route for your baby take it. I personally would much rather pay more and have a healthy baby, than risk having a major complication due to the baby going into distress because of a hard labor and possibly losing my baby.

    Best Wishes for a safe delivery!

  2. Every body deserves life! says:

    c section might work better
    If your baby gets stuck, it will take much longer to deliver even if is otherwise, born healthy.

  3. ?JD's Wife & Mum of 4? says:

    With my 3rd pregnancy I had gestational diabetes. I controlled it pretty well with diet alone but my ob was also sceptical and said that my baby might get too big or other complications so he wanted to induce me at 38 weeks. I went into the hospital at 39 weeks not at all dilated. I ended up giving birth to my boy 16 hours later and he and I were 100% healthy, he is now 1 1/2. I mean if u dont dialate at all not even a cm by 12 hours they prob would give u a c section but chances of this happening are very slim. If i were u coming from experience I would go for the vaginal birth. It is easier on your body, shorter healing time and doesnt require a major surgery.

    after c section u cannot lift your baby for a while since u have stitches in,m the pain is worse after having a c section then a vag delivery. My sil had a csection with her first pregnant, her daughter is 2 yrs old and she still feels times of pain where her scar is…It is your decision but if he gave u the choice i would opt with the natural way..I had to be induced with 3 of my 4 pregnancys and everytime it was fine, i never ad to have a c section. Try it, chances are that u will be fine and will not need a c section..u wont be dissapointed u chose delivering vaginally..good luck!!

  4. i would go for the planned c section. i was diagnosed with GD too and i took very good care of myself, but in the last month, i was pre preeclamptic too. they told me to go on bed rest. my doc planned a c section, but when the time came she wanted me to see if i could go a few more days. by the end, i was so worried about the baby!! i worried..was she getting enough oxygen (worry from having high blood pressure).?? i was in labor for 27 hours before they decided to stop and do the c section anyway. i just never got past 6 centimeters in dialation. i did have the epidural, so i mostly did not feel any pain at all, but still. 27 hours is a long time, and i felt like the baby was probably pretty stressed by then.

    do what you feel is right for you and your baby. good luck!

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