Gluton Free Diet Question ?

Mildred S asked:

What is gluton ? I have houseguests that will be coming and have learned that one person is following a gluton free diet. Do you know if there are things that I need to have on hand , so that I have some things / proper food / preparation procedure on hand ? Is there a gluten free store ? my grocery stores are international have a wide range. i can find sugar free / diabetic or fat free products … but i do not see labels / aisles for gluten free. i am not even sure if my regular bottled waters / soft drink selection will be okay. I would like to have some beverage and snack choices. I am not sure of where to plan dinners out ? restaurants that would have menus / options to accomodate this special dietary need. Is there a website / or reference you know that explains what sort of a diet this is ? I did not get the impression that this is like a low call kind of a diet / that this person needs to have this or they will become sick.

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  1. Nurse Lisa says:

    You need to go to a health food store – Gluten is a protein found in whole wheat, rye, barley, oats, etc. I don’t suggest buying anything for your guest – they know what they can/can’t eat – wait until they come and then bring them to the store – it’s not cheap food and I’m sure they know what they like and don’t like. check out for more info.

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