How can a person with diabetes prevent dehydration?

Doodle03 asked:

What does a person with diabetes who works out & exercises each day do for dehydration? If I drink a lot of water my sodium level drops. I keep a low magnesium, chloride, potassium & sodium level & none of the doctors here will tell me what is causing it & how to prevent it.

4 thoughts on “How can a person with diabetes prevent dehydration?”

  1. Heron By The Sea says:

    I think Pedialyte may be good.

  2. jccjr1982 says:

    Sports drinks (Flavored Water + Sodium ) basically

  3. Debbyboop says:

    Call the national diabetes association….

  4. Gatorade has too much sugar. Try sugar free unflavored Pedialyte, and Smart Water, or any fortified unsweetened “sport” water.

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