How can I control my weight if exercise doesn’t do it and I can’t stay any diet program for too long?

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My height is 1.92m and I weigh in 124kg. Because I’m a diabetic I can’t follow any diet which highly restricts carbohydrate diet. Instead, I have attempted to follow several low-fat and low-sugar diets, but without success. I do a weights program three times most weeks and cycle intensely for two hour bursts.  I’d appreciate any advice.

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  1. Try cutting your portion sizes down. Also, if you must eat something with high fat or sugar (you shouldn’t since you’re a diabetic), but if you MUST, only eat one or two bites of it. The main thing that helped me lose weight was just cut my portion sizes down a lot and if the package says a serving is 1/4 of a cup, then eat only that much.

  2. i’ve learned i can pretty much eat whatever i want as long as i keep busy. so find a sport you like- take up kickboxing, racquetball, or swimming. if it’s really about liking the food you eat, eat whatever you want just eat smaller portions.

  3. Well do u have juvenile diabetes ? do you take insulin and what type? Humolog and Lantus or Novolog? I suppose if u cant do a non-carb diet that u do have to take insulin lol.

    Anyway your pretty tall so calculate your bmi from the link below and decide how much weight you should be for your frame and height as well. Theres also another site there that will help you with ideas when it comes to exercising and how to do so for toning.

    Ideally for people with diabetes if your taking insulin since you cant eliminate your carbs you should do the next best thing which is eating good carbs like whole grains, Brown Rice instead of white and whole wheat etc. Besides whole grains have more vitamins and minerals and they digest slower than regular carbs and dont spike your blood sugar as much.

    Dont eat at least 1 hour before a workout and 1 hour after that way your body keeps burning calories. And dont over do it ! Pick 2 a week where instead of your usual workout u do passive workouts like walking for an hour, you will see yourself shrink in no time.

    If you hit a plateau then keep your body guessing by changing your routines. Do yoga!! Its great strength training and great for your joints. It helps keep your body young giving you balance and flexibility and helps stress.

    Make a list of the things you love to eat and think of healthy alternatives. If you love chocolate, then buy semi-sweet chocolate chips and eat a handful after a meal. Always eat a meal before you eat what u crave! That way your always are a lot stronger and dont eat as much as u normally would.

    Good Luck !!

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