How can I help this boy suffering diabetes?

jimmyjosh asked:

There is this boy in Kenya, suffering from diabetes. He is an orphan. I have been paying his school fees, and buying his drugs. I am now burnt out. Does anybody know an organization that can help? I don’t want to see this boy die so young.

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  1. In Kenya there must be an orphange or something. Or how did you find him, someone else needs to find him. If it was an agancy that helps then can they find him another helper.

  2. I dunno any organization in Kenia, but IDF (International Diabetes Federation) has a helping program called Life for a Child, meant to help children with diabetes in developing countries. You may contact them following the link below.

    Here’s the address of the Kenya Diabetes Association, I found it on the IDF site (

    Kenya Diabetes Association
    PO Box 55098
    00200 Nairobi
    Tel +254-009-2-336725

  3. john e russo md says:

    Unfortunately the future for a young person in Kenya is not very bright even if they are healthy. I applaud your efforts but I am sorry to say that I am not aware of an organization that is able to help an individual. Medical efforts through the World Health Organization tend to be more global than country or disease specific. When society fails there is always God although I certainly wish this young man the very best and I sincerely hope that someone else has a more direct solution.

  4. reginachick22 says:

    There is a program called “Insulin For Life”. They deliver insulin to developing countries.

    You can also do a search for “Unite For Diabetes”, a campaign also developed to do the same. The website doesn’t mention much about Type 1 diabetes or insulin delivery to underdeveloped nations, but it is my understanding this was what it was intended for.

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