How can you check if you have diabetes without seeing a doctor?

John D asked:

I’m 19, I’m worried I may have diabetes and I don’t have health coverage/insurance so I can’t go see a doctor. Is there a cheap way to check if you have it without having to go see a doctor?
Thanks for the tips guys but I don’t know anyone close to me who has diabetes, none of my friends got it. I don’t think anyone in my family has it so I can’t go to them for help. I’m not overweight either.

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  1. The cheapest way is to check your blood sugar level either by FBS or RBS. Here are good link about health diet to control DM

  2. SuperVibrationalEscrow says:

    Yes get a blood sugar testing meter. You can sometimes even find these online for free, but certainly you can buy the cheap drugstore brand meter for under $20. It will come with a small supply of strips. So after you eat dinner, you don’t eat anything else until morning. When you wake up, use the meter to test a drop of your blood. If the reading is over 100, then you could be headed for trouble and should see the Dr. even if it is a free clinic. If it is under 100 you are safe. If you have a friend who has diabetes, you might be able to get them to test it for you. It is very important to do it in the morning when you haven’t eaten anything yet.

    PS – do a Google check on “free glucometer” and there are several places you can get a free one. You probably have to pay shipping.

  3. Natassia K says:

    MAnny ways….so check your blood surger..if its over 200 you have it

    I have diabetes by the way.
    I drank so much water and your constantly thirst..this is for type 1 by the way..if you think you have type 2 then it kinda diffrent

    You would be going to the bathroom constantly…when you havnt eaten in a while you will feel weak tired and helpless cause your low and when you eat to much ull feel like ur gonna throw up and like hungry and tired cause you would be high.

  4. If you know someone close to you I repeat close to you with a blood monitor ask them to check your blood. I go to my mom. It should be between 80-110. Just be very careful doing it this way you could get HIV or other diseases by using a blood tester. You can also call a doctor in some places and ask for a lab test without seeing the doctor it’s only about $90 where I live.

  5. There are signs that you may notice if you have diabetes. You may feel increased thirst, increased hunger, frequent urination, a wound that takes time to heal and maybe weight loss. Also, there are risk factors that will likely increase your chance of having diabetes like family history, overweight, 35 years old and above, Asians etc.
    But I suggest you should go to a clinic and have your blood sugar checked. You can also try Fasting Blood Sugar or Oral Glucose Tolerance Test. These procedures are not expensive and you really need not see a doctor but a medical technologist.

  6. lsh.dixie says:

    No you need to see a dr, sorry but a dr need to tell if you have diabetes are not . a testing meter will help you see if it high are it’s low.good luck

  7. No Money? Go to the county health department. Or call your local diabetes foundation and ask them where free diabetes testing is going on in your area. Usually one is going on near you.
    Good luck . Hope you have a false alarm. Diabetes is a real pain in the you know where.

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  9. If you don’t have health insurance, and you don’t have any friends that have Diabetes, then the best way would probably be to order a free glucose monitor via a promotional website. You just have to fill out a quick survey and they will send a free monitor by mail. Here is one site:

    Once you get this monitor, read the directions, and then follow this:
    1. Check your BG level with the monitor, record the level on paper.
    2. Eat or drink something with a high amount of sugar in it (soda).
    3. Wait 30 minutes and then check your sugar again, and record.
    4. Repeat step number 3 for the next 2 hours.

    Now take a look at your sugars, anything above 120 usually isn’t a great sign, especially if the results keep rising above that over the time period. If the results keep trending upward, then your body isn’t counteracting the sugar intake which can be a sign of diabetes.

    Here is an informative post regarding Diabetes:

    Good Luck!

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