How do you control your diabetes?

I would like to know how people control their diabetes in terms of personal things that you may do to keep as close to a normal blood sugar as possible.
In addition to meds of course.

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  1. Counting carbs and regular exercise both help, make sure your checking your glucose levels as the doctor ordered.

  2. It's That Guy says:

    I have type 2. Type 1 and type2 are completely different diseases, but with the same result, and there are even other, less common types.

    I am very careful about what I eat. I test foods by eating them and measuring my blood sugar to see what raises it and what doesn’t. We’re all different that way. For instance, I find I can eat half a potato and it doesn’t raise my blood sugar too much, but the same amount of rice will blow me off the chart.

    Monitoring blood sugar is important, measuring it every few days when I wake up (fasting blood sugar) and two hours after eating sometimes too. And every six months I get more serious blood tests to show how I’m doing–liver and kidney function, cholesterol (very important), etc.

    I take metformin, which is sort of the ‘starter’ med. So far it works just fine, but if it stops working well there are other, more ‘drastic’ drugs.

    And I get some exercise. I was never an exercising kind of person but my Dr. convinced me that some exercise was vital, and I have found that to be true. If I just sit around the house for a couple of days I find my blood sugar rising out of control. I go for long walks, maybe 5 time a week, maybe 3 miles. I bring along an MP3 player and listen to audiobooks, and it’s gotten to be a real habit, so if I don’t do it I get restless.

  3. Nhoj Yesdnil says:

    I have been reading the book: “food is our best medicine”. it explains how the body works, how the liver can not synthesize a perfect cholesterol from fat the has been heated with starch. I take that to mean toasted nuts also like peanut butter no matter how freshly Ground it is french fries are the worst.

    What you have is a metabolism dysfunction and can only be cured with raw oils like uncooked eggs meat nuts etc even milk and meat. and forget the salt is really bad.

  4. Diabetes type 1 and 2 are similar diseases with different etiologies, not as one of the respondents suggested, ‘totally different diseases’. Anyway, you need to take a proactive approach to your type 2 diabetes-if you are obese, lose weight! Get some help if necessary, but this is the one most important thing you can do to help your physical situation. Next, make very certain that you find a board certified internist with a fellowship in diabetes management-this may sound like over kill, but believe me, especially when you are trying to stabilize your system, it is vitally important, as is following their recommendations for diet, exercise, and medication. You also must realize that type 2 is a multifaceted disease, with multifactorial system adversities-you must continue to take care of yourself, you may not let down your guard for a minute-remember, get your eyes checked by an ophthalmologist at least once a year, get regular evaluations for nueropathy, renal difficulties, and excretory problems-do not be alarmed if you have problems controlling your sugar, just shoot for the happy medium, and do not over test, once you are stabilized, do not constantly worry about your condition-many people live happy productive and health lives with type 2, so can you.

  5. I watch what I eat, lost some weight (30 pounds), and exercise.

    Three years ago I skied to the South Pole and last July I climbed Mt. Rainier. Don’t let diabetes control you…you control it!

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