How do you lower blood sugars?

My husband is a diabetic and his sugars run between 280 and up what can he do to get it to go down,he’s on insulin,pills for diabetics
he doesn’t eat all that much 4 small meals and he just kinda picks at them.He drinks diet tonic or water.
Are there any proven foods that can lower the blood sugars. Thanks any help is greatful needed.

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  1. don’t eat sugar

  2. arigolony says:

    Oatmeal helps lower cholesterol.
    I know foods high in fiber like brown rice. Decrease the red meat consumption while increasing the fruits & vegetables. Avoid fruit juices. Drink more water.
    An excellent natural supplement is chromium picolinate. It helps the body utilize insulin. If you buy this, keep close tabs on his suger as it IS effective, & can make them drop too low.

  3. try more exercise, that will lower blood sugar by burning it.

  4. A disease consisting of the failure of a single organ with a relatively simple function (i.e. the failure of the Islets of Langerhans in type 1 diabetes), should be relatively straightforward to cure; replace the organ. As of 2006, several possible schemes are under investigation. Type 2 diabetes is more complex and difficult, but further understanding of the underlying mechanism of insulin resistance may make more effective treatment posssible, including perhaps a cure for some variants. The most obvious approach to a Type 1 cure is to replace the failed organ with more islet cells. A transplant of exogenous cells has been done experimentally in both mice and humans, but is not yet practical. Thus far, like any such transplant, it provokes an immune reaction and immuno-supressive drugs will be needed to protect the transplanted tissue. An alternative technique has been proposed to place the tansplanted beta cells in a semi-permeable container, isolating them from the immune system. Microscopic or nanotechnological approachs are under investigation as well, with implanted stores of insulin metered out by a rapid response valve sensitive to blood glucose levels. At least two approaches have been proposed and demonstrated in vitro. These are, in some sense, closed-loop insulin pumps.

  5. sapphireblueeyez says:

    maybe u should talk to your doctor if he is already on pills and insulin and he is eating right and counting his carbs his medicine may need to be adjusted

  6. bobbyklauraj says:

    Be sure he is not eating too much bread or potatoes, pasta, most all carbohydrates turn to sugar once digested, if diet is not working he may need to see his doctor and increase his current medication dose or change insulin type altogether, check his sugar 3-4 times a day and keep a log of these readings and what he has eat before seeing the doctor to help him determine what needs to be done

  7. First, he needs to see a diabetic specialist or his family doctor. Ask for an AC1 test. What have his sugars been over the past three months? Has he been snacking? As well, 4 small meals isn’t really enough. He should be eating 3 well-balanced meals (your local diabetes association or doctor can help you with this and there are places that can offer advice on nutrition for diabetics) with snacks in between. Remember, raw vegetables are better than cooked and be careful with fruits. Fruits contain sugar and not all fruits contain the same amount fructose. Also, read the ingredients on foods you buy. Some foods contain an outragous amount of sugar even though they say “lite” or “fat-free”. Also, remember, less fat is better. How much does he weigh? The more he’s overweight, the higher his sugars are likely to go. Exercise is also important. Don’t worry about joining the local gym, just a walk in the evening or something like that will do. Maybe a swim. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Most of all, though, talk to your doctor. Insulin and medication levels may have to be changed or tests may have to be run. Your doctor is an invaluable resource in this matter. No food in the world is going to do what your husband and your doctor can do.

  8. Tiger Lamb says:

    It’s really important to stay away from processed and refined foods. White foods; sugar, white bread, alcohol etc– are all like poison to someone who has high blood sugar.

    Look up LOW GI foods. These are foods that contain carbohydrates – but ones that burn slowly – therefore do not dump loads of sugar into the blood stream like High GI foods (white bread, alcohol, sugar, etc).

    Here is a link that might help you get a better idea:

    Beware of artificial sweetners such as aspartame (Equal, Nutrasweet, and that one in the little pink packet – the name escapes me at the moment; all contain aspartame). Google ‘dangers of aspartame’ and see how dangerous this crap is!
    Here is one link – but there are many more:

    Check out the dangers of Splenda:

    Know that there are other safe alternative sweetners that occur naturally – such as Stevia – which you can also google to find out more about.

    If this is a case of adult-onset-of-diabetes check out higher protein diets with no processed foods — some people have managed to turn around their adult onset of diabetes.

    Hope this helps some.

  9. It sounds like your husband is a brittle diabetic and needs the help of an endocrinologist. I don’t think there are any proven foods to lower sugar, but carbs and sugars (even naturally occurring in fruits) must be avoided.
    EXERCISE will usually significantly help lower blood sugar.
    Again, an endocrinologist can help so much and it is so important for your husbands health and quality of life that he stabilize his blood sugar…280 is way to high to run on a regular basis.

  10. There are no foods that will lower blood sugar but there are a lot that increase it. You should substitute sugar with artificial sweeteners, avoid carbohydrates and eat fruit in moderation. Also be careful when buying fruit drinks. My advise would be to buy diabetic cookbook. Exercise is the best way to decrease your blood glucose level.

  11. Check out your organic food store they can usually tell you more about what foods to eat and why… if your husband is only picking at his food this is not healthy either. Forgive me for asking however have you considered he may be depressed? Depression can cause a diabetic to have a high count. It isn’t medically proven but it effects many diabetics. Can he get around to exercise? Just a walking routine can help. The answer may not be what he is eating or the lack of it. Try fresh foods with no chemicals, the chemicals in prepared food can also cause a high count [again try a health food or organic food store for chemical free food]. Also check to see if he has a reflux problem, picking at food can be because if he eats he knows he won’t feel well but may not realize it is reflux. Sometimes reflux can show up as a burning between the shoulder blades in the back, or it can feel like your back is hot after eating. It can also feel like a burn in the upper chest. Also reflux can cause a disturbed sleeping pattern… it can feel like it’s hard to breathe, which it is,too much acid,does he have to be elevated to sleep comfortable? An example of this would be does he sleep upright in a recliner more comfortably than laying flat on a bed? I hope these things are not the case however if they are, it is treatable! Seriously watch him,check it out,like I said before it may not be what you think it is.Both my parents are diabetic this is why I am writing to you.

  12. deannacaudle says:

    my mother is type 2 and she drinks alot of bottled water throught the day and it seems to help her lower hers plus she stays away from anything with sugar and she us to drink alot of soda before she found out that she was type 2 and know instead of soda she drinks water and it works to lower find out more go to a search engine and type in diabetes and it will give u a list of sights to go to for more info thats how i have found some of the info for my mom.

  13. Exercise, especially brisk walking (1-3miles 3x a week) can help maintain blood sugar levels. A good natural sweetener is Agave and OK for diabetics.

  14. cmvmarketing says:

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  15. lapeer_gal says:

    Limit your carbs when you eat and eat small amounts of fat and protein like a tablespoon of peanut butter, or some cheese and/or meat. No carbs, just protein and fat

    Try to exercise like walking or bicycling. This type of exercise has a longer hypoglycemic effect that will help your blood glucose levels keep down

    Also talk to the doctor about maybe changing meds, I changed to avandia along with insulin and for the past few months I have gone from being high sugar to almost normal range.

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