How much of a role does genetics play in your risk of diabetes?

Vehicular Manslaughter asked:

I got tested during a physical last month. I have normal blood sugar levels, according to the doctor, and am nowhere near being diabetic yet (as my diabetic-for-20+-years-father assured me).

The thing is, I realize that even though I’m doing everything I can to avoid getting the dreaded disease (I’m not obese, monitor my diet and get regular excersize), diabetes still very much runs in my family. Right off the bat I can name about seven (immediate and distant) relatives who have it.

If there is much of a chance I could still get it, I’d like to hold it off as long as I can (having a chronic health problem is no good when you’re in college, and I do intend to enlist in the military after I graduate, but that’s beyond the point).

How much of a risk do I still have?
I’m not diabetic now and have no symptoms, also, I’m not going to be in the military for life, but for 8 years.

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  1. You do have a risk higher than the so called average person because of hereditary factors. I can’t give you a risk % because I have no idea if they are type 1 or type 2. In another sense you have a far lower risk factor than many people because you are so very aware of the possibility and are taking good steps to avoid triggering it. The greatest risk times for you would probably be pregnancy or if sopmeything caused you to become very sedentary. One piece of advice often given ppl who have many diabetics in theior family is to live now as if you were diabetic and you are less likely to become diabetic. That means paying attention to what you eat as you are doing, avoicing “simple” carbs (white flour,sugar, corn syrup etc. things with high glycemic index), eating low fat high fiber to help your arteries, exercizing,and checking often to be sure you have a good blood sugar level.

    Remember too that your genetic heritage comes from both sides of the family.and that you may very well never be diabetic as l;ong as you take good care of yourself as you are doing.

  2. Well, sounds like your risks are higher than most. But that still doesn’t mean you are going to develope diabetes. You are doing all the right things to keep it at bay. But then again, you may never develope it. Out of 4 kids in my family, 3 of us have diabetes. The other one never did develope it. So keep doing what you are doing and stay healthy,.

  3. Well AF hit it right on the nose….excellent advice she gave!…I too have many family members that have type 2..and they are OBESE I have type 1 insulin dep..and I am skinny….my Twin sister has nothing ! little stink pot…I was 30 when told.. I know weird age i’m 45 and it *****!!!!!!…i’m on a insulin pump which really helps with daily life activity..but I’m getting ready to have a bone marrow transplant to help with that and 5 other uncurable diseases…so keep your sugars in check and eat healthly..your risk is HIGH…I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  4. I just read on line for type2 diabetes the rate is38% chance of genetically getting type2 if one parent has it.—–Don’t know about type1. Wish I would have heeeded that information. No junk food or excess sweets would have crossed my lips. I had an aunt much like my self who went blind and had kidney problems that ended her life in a rude way—I am trying to avoid the same fate.

  5. you wil have it casue you hae the entire family having it it will hit you but probably later in life. you can’t be in military with it so if you enter you must enter with no signs and hurry if they find you are espcially air force you will be gone. its the type of things they do there i worked MPF for long tiem. take care.

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