I have diabetes and my sugars are not?

Lonelygirl asked:

My sugars are not always under control, even though I try. What can I take or do even if it’s a natural remedy to bring it down when it’s a little high.  I’d like something that won’t take many hours to feel the effect.

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  1. girl_in_vernon says:

    how high are they…are you having bothersome symptoms. do you take medications at all…knowing these things helps to give advice. I will drink water and go for a walk or dance around the house.

  2. Taking a diabetes class will help you to understand more about keeping it under control. You did not say if you are on medication for it. Proper diet and exercise can help. The long term effects of elevated sugar is devastating on your body and organs.

  3. DrKariChiro says:

    I recommend my diabetic patients go on a low-glycemic index diet to help stabilize blood sugars. It teaches you how to eat for life and it doesn’t count calories or get boring. The website is. See what you think. Email me if you want me to find you someone that is trained in this diet method that can help you learn it.

    If you are looking for a natural pill I would recommend Diamaxol. Here’s the link so you can read more about it.

    Also, exercising or physical activity helps to lower blood sugar. Make sure you are keeping track of your sugars on a consistent basis and keep going in for check-ups with your medical doctor. Feel free to email me with any questions!

  4. I don’t know how old you are or how long you have had diabetes for but there are many reasons why your blood glucose levels could be higher than desirable.
    Speak to your Doctor or Diabetes Counsellor about it, that’s what they are there for, and together work on the problem.
    Going through puberty can have a major influence on your levels as hormone changes in your body affect these, as can diet, illness, stress, fatigue, physical activity and type and dose of medication.
    Although you are ultimately responsible for your diabetic control, you don’t know all the answers, even the professionals are still learning about the condition, so seek their help – nobody expects you to handle this all by yourself.
    I could advise you how to reduce your high sugar levels but this would not be fair to you, or your Doctor/Counsellor who help you with the Diabetes, unless I was aware of all the facts, which I am not.
    I can tell you, however, to avoid quick fix herbal remedies etc, they are usually ineffective, but worst still, can be dangerous.
    A review of your dosage and regime may be all that is required – speak to your Doctor or your nearest Diabetic Association / Counsellor.
    The fact that you have asked this question shows that you have responsibility and maturity
    Good luck and keep well.

  5. Have your Doctor put you on a sliding Scale. When sugars are to high, you can bring them down with Regular Insulin. Follow your Doctors advise and stick with exercise and eating correctly as Doctor ordered.

  6. try using Cinnamon capsules you can buy them OTC and I’ve been taking them for two weeks now and my blood sugar has gone down alot and I have more energy.

  7. Exercise

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