I just found out that I have gestational diabetes and I’m furious. Is this reaction normal?

PandaJ asked:

I’m 30 wks and have been very conscious of everything I have eaten my whole pregnancy. I eat whole grains. I don’t eat desserts or drink soda. When I’m not nauseated by them, I eat veggies and lean meat. I looked at diabetes diets online and am already eating in line with them. No one in my family has diabetes.

I work for a fast paced job that brings in lunch daily. We don’t pick what, they just bring in a bunch of something. This is the only time when I’m not in control of my diet. Nov is our busiest month, most days I work 10 hrs without breaks so I know I don’t get enough water or exercise during the day. Now I’m feeling angry towards my employer. I’m also feeling very angry with my body and even the baby! I don’t want to tell people because they already joke about how careful I am with my diet. It always annoyed me- now it seriously pisses me off. Is this a natural first reaction? Will this feeling pass? Since I already eat very healthy, do you think I’ll have to take insulin?

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  1. Why would you be furious? It just happens in pregnancy sometimes. Do some research on it. You’ll find it’s very common, and has everything to do with your hormones and nothing to do with your diet.

    It does not mean you are now diabetic for life. It means you are gestationally diabetic with this pregnancy. It doesn’t even guarantee that you’ll be diabetic in your next pregnancies.

    Deep breath. Relax.

  2. You need to go a specialist.

    They will tell you how to beat almost every pregnancy related problem there is, and the jist of it is, HIGH PROTEIN!!

  3. trsturself says:

    I agree, relax. That much anger is worse for your baby.
    Gestational diabetes is all about the placenta, not the mother’s behavior and/or diet up to that point.

    The great thing is you’re already on a good diet so keeping you blood sugar level in control with diet should not be an issue for you. make sure you see a nutritionist (at least once or twice) to find out what to eat. I had it and I remember eating every 2-3 hours! And you have to mix protein w/ carbs.
    Anyway… a nutritionist can help you plan your meals and everything.

    It is definitely nothing to be angry about and is not preventable so give yourself a break.

  4. as far as being mad and upset its normal i had gestational diabetes and i felt the same way and yes it will pass. you need to talk to your employer and let them know whats going on you will have to start keeping track of your sugar levels and watching everything you eat so try and bring your lunch so you know your eating the right carbs. as far as insulin it will depend on if you can control it with your diet. i followed my diet to a T and still had to take 4 shots a day. hope this helps. good luck!

  5. Relax. Gestational diabetes isn’t caused by what you’ve done or haven’t done. It just happens sometimes, even when you’re not considered high risk.

    Most gestational diabetics do not need insulin, but some do. They will first try to manage your blood sugar through diet – modifying your carb intake and timing of carb intake. That is usually enough to control it. If not, then insulin might be be necessary.

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