is diabetes considered a glycogen storage disease?

Jules asked:

i am a type 1 diabetic and filling out college scholarship information and when i got to the “disabilities” section diabetes is not an option but glycogen storage disease is so im wondering if diabetes is included in that? or should i just mark off medical disability?
i know what diabetes is. i just am confused as to why diabetes is not an opption when it seems like everything else under the sun is. i dont consider myself disabled but i dont consider lots of the options in this section disabled either. so idk?

3 thoughts on “is diabetes considered a glycogen storage disease?”

  1. bikkerbabeee says:

    No they are not the same, Diabetes is a disease where the body fails to produce insulin or has a problem processing it as in type 2.

    Glycogen Storage Diseases are considered inherited metabolic disorders. A metabolic disorder is a disease that disrupts metabolism. Metabolism is the process by which our body breaks down the food we eat and converts it to energy.
    diabetes is usually not considered a medical disability in itself, only disclose the fact you have it if you wish to .

  2. sorrowlaughed25 says:

    You don’t have a glycogen storage disease nor are you considered disabled. People who are disabled that have Diabetes is from a Diabetes complication like Neuropathy-nerve damage or Retinopathy-blindness for having bad control of the Diabetes.

  3. ***Stardust*** says:

    No, I don’t think so, glycogen storage disease should be something else, glycogen is a complex form of sugar than can be broken down into glucose when there is a need for it. If anything I think it would fall more likely to hypoglycemia, maybe there is an a (other) you could mark and name diabetes, if not it doesn’t matter just make sure your friend now you are a diabetic in case of an emergency.

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