Is it ok that I only eat chicken and not any other meat?

Senator D*L*P™ asked:

When I was a freshmen, I decide to become an ovo-lacto vegetarian, but since then I was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. My doctors say that being diabetic can also affect your protein levels (?), and since I was a vegetarian, I already was working to keep my levels up. Since chicken has a lot of protein, I eat that once in a while. I **** to eat it, but it works better than soy when I am feeling sick. I try to stay healthy with the diabetes and vegetarian diet, but is ok for me to follow a vegetarian diet, but sometimes have to eat chicken? I refuse to eat red meat. I don’t go on rampages telling people they are evil for eating meat, I just prefer not to eat it. My friends call me a chickitarian, but can I still be an ovo-lacto vegetarian?

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  1. it’s ok.

  2. U’ll be sick of it

  3. Yeah. I eat chicken only just like you and That’s ok. Its also ok to be a vegetarian. But, chicken helps you get the protein you need so its ok not to eat steak or anything like that so….yeah, thats what i say!

  4. Do what you need to do to stay healthy. Technically, you’re not lacto-ovo anymore (that’s vegetarians who include dairy and eggs in their diet) — bit really, who cares what term you use. What matters is your health.

  5. fine touch of class says:

    you’ll be ok

  6. A really great COMPLETE source of protein is Quinoa, it is a grain that you can cook like rice, it is easy to cook in a lot of different recipes,tastes great and is very healthy. try it as a protein alternative. They sell it near the rice and barley.

  7. sweetpie65 says:

    Every time I eat chicken I`m always picking at it.I have to stop eating it and it might make you feel sick because your body isn`t use to chicken.There are vegetarians who eats chicken and fish in a while .You are still a vegetarian.Sorry about your diabetes.Almost all my mom siblings has it ,I think 5 of them.Her parents have too but her dad is dead now.

  8. A healthier choice would be fish. Chicken has more of the bad cholesterol and fish has more of the good cholesterol as well as Omega 3s for heart health. But whatever floats your boat. You have to take care of your health.

  9. chickens feel pain too

  10. I would Try a supplement called Spirulina as opposed to eating chicken.. It has 10 to 15 times the digestable protein of beef

  11. If you would still like to stick to your vegetarian lifestyle I would suggest eating a variety of protiens from beans, nuts, legumes, and soy. Black beans have the most protien of any bean I know and I love them in black beans and rice. Just try a variety of differnt types to keep your metabolism working and not adjusted to one form of protien.

  12. Why not eat eggs? and beans? Fake meat?

    You don’t really need chicken for protein, there’s vegetarian sources out there!

  13. mockingbird says:

    Everyone has to draw their own line. If you’ve decided to let chicken back into your life for your health, that’s a valid choice. You can’t truthfully call yourself a vegetarian because, by definition, you are not. But you don’t really NEED a label to make a choice that balances your needs with your principles.

    That said, I think if you did some research on vegetarian sources of protein (which go far beyond just soy) you’d find that you can get plenty without the chicken. Someone mentioned quinoa, which is a very nutritious food. Not only is it a complete protein, it is a good source of potassium, iron, folic acid, b vitamins, magnesium and calcium. It’s also tasty, easy to prepare and versatile.

  14. my sis, bro and BF are vedg.
    i am not.
    my sis was having some probs with iron and fainting.
    she eats only tunafish now and loves it and looks much better.
    she says she wont try chic, because its to close to real meat like chewing it and the texture, but tunafish doest feel as weird for her.
    if you can believe this- my sis and bro have been living this way since 4 and 5 years old (when we drove by a slaughter house)
    we used to sneak meats in their meals like chic and beef stock(bullion cubes)
    but now we are more accecpting,
    and it makes me feel good as an animal lover just to know that because of them i def eat less meat.

  15. If you eat chicken, you are not a vegetarian. Lots of vegetarian sources have the same amount of protein as chicken though…

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