Is it possible to get diabetes from eating too much natural fruit?

singlewhitemalekc70 asked:

I have been drinking 100% natural frozen orange juice concentrate for several years now. I always thought this was a very healthy thing to do(relative to a soda pop addiction I still believe it is) but from an overall health standpoint and articles on websites, drinking concentrated fruit juices is not all that healthy since it causes spikes in blood sugar levels. So i have given up frozen concentrate juices and replaced them with plain old fruit to satisy my sugar cravings. Im eating watermelon constantly throughout the day. I’ve been doing this for a couple months now. Well, I just read in Trivia’s Vitajournal that “the average person should eat no more than 32 grams of sugar per day.” The article then goes on to show that a large apple has 22 grams of sugar. So according to this article if I eat 2 large apples a day Im eating too much sugar. Is it possible to get diabetes by eating too much all natural God given fruit such as apples and watermelon?

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  1. NO! NO! NO! NO!

    eating too much sugar does NOT cause diabetes. thats a MYTH. eating too much sugar eventually makes ya fat. being overweight is one of the main factors in developing type 2 diabetes

  2. Diet Guidelines

    Wal-Mart Caffeine-Free Diet Sam’s Cola has zero carbs and sodium . . everyone has to make their own judgment on all the other artificial ingredients.

  3. No! you don’t get diabetes because of the orange juice intake is high. Obesity causes diabetes. It’s hereditary too. There are diff. types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, gestational, and juvenile diabetes. If I was you, then I’ll be concern if your parents have diabetes or you’re obese. A good site to search on info related to diabetes is . There you can find recipes and other info. in nutrition, symptoms, weight loss, prevention, community resources, and research. If you need more info, then you may call the American diabetes association. They will provide you (by mail) with a packet full of info.

  4. fullofsmiles04 says:

    Diabetes is when the pancreas doesn’t make insulin or no insulin at all!!!! It is not from eating fruit or healthy stuff like that! Like the other person said obesity leads to type 2 diabetes, but not all obese people will develop diabetes! Its just a possibility. Don’t stress yourself over what it’s. Enjoy life and take it as it comes! Worry about it when you have too! Be healthy and eat healthy. Also, there carbs are more important than the sugars now days. Eating 22 grams of sugar a day is nonsense because there is simple sugars that can’t be avoided. There is a difference between simple sugars and complex sugars.

  5. Anny-Fanny says:

    he he he…..ABSOLUTLY NOT HONEY

    Sorry but with all the information available on Diabetes I just cant believe that people still ask questions like this…

    I see you have lots of good answers now, education education education.

  6. Anti-PeTA says:

    No eating any fruits or even sugar does not cause Diabetes. Think about this for a moment if eating candy or even fruits caused Diabetes if that was true then 99.9% of the world’s population would be DIabetic. Also concider this fact when Dibetic person’s is close to going into a Dibetic shock then why do they need some fruit juice candy or a regular soda to prevent them from going into a Diabetic shock?

  7. pawanbhalla27in says:

    you will not be diabetic if you eat too much of any combination of fruits and if you eat lots of sugar and sweets then yes you are having chances of being diabetic

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