Is it safe to eat the candy hot tamales if you have diabetes?

terisa s asked:

My mother in law just found out that she has diabetes. She have a appointment to see a doctor to see what she can and can not eat but it isn’t for two weeks. She loves the candy hot tamales and want to know if she can steel have them or not. I told her I didn’t think so but I would cheek on here to see. Please only answer if you know for sure one way or anougher. Also you may need to know that it is type two. Thank you for your help.

5 thoughts on “Is it safe to eat the candy hot tamales if you have diabetes?”

  1. everycheez says:

    no, if you do your blood sugar will get very very high. just always make sure you have plenty of insulin.

  2. She will find out that care of diabetes is all about counting carbs.

    If she accounts for the carbs, she can eat anything.
    Make sure she sets up an appointment with a diabetes educator AND a dietitian .
    She should read and educate herself all about diabetes.
    Check the American Diabetes Association web site as a good beginning. She should subscribe to their magazine and others as well.
    There is no “one size fits all ” diet or therapy for people with diabetes.
    We have to know what we are doing and realize we are in charge of our own health.
    Good luck

  3. i don’t know but i think the best answer is no because her blood sugar can get really high and that is dangerous

  4. Diet Guidelines – do the research and, importantly, follow the regime

    Blood Sugar Management – as mentioned, set up a good diet regime but, also, don’t forget exercise.

  5. She can still have a certain amount of real sugar but has to be accounted for. You can not eat a high sugar candy like that and expect blood sugars to be normal. She can have them but will have to limit them to a few every so often. Tell her to try sugarless candy, still has carbs but not as bad and satifies you with one or two pieces, unlike Hot Tamales.

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