Is there a natural treatment for diabetic nerve pain?

To avoid side effects of drugs many have tried a natural treatment for diabetic nerve pain.

Chantelle A asked:

My husband is looking for a natural treatment for diabetic nerve pain.

He has pain and burning in the legs which sometimes can get to such a level that it is debilitating.  He been diagnosed with diabetes but according to an ultrasound his blood circulation is within a normal range.  One doctor said it was general diabetic nerve pain but didn’t offer a treatment.

Does anyone know what would trigger it?  Would it be diet related, i.e. too much sugar short term triggering the pain, or is it a cumulative effect i.e. high sugar levels over the long term?  He admitted to me that when he gets stressed at work he sometimes eats a complete bag of jelly beans. His blood sugar levels do rise in spikes and his A1C is generally good – 5.5 to 5.9.

He’s on Glucophage and blood pressure medications.  Is there a natural avenue he could explore to manage this situation?  More specifically something target, a natural treatment for diabetic nerve pain.

4 thoughts on “Is there a natural treatment for diabetic nerve pain?”

  1. fretochose says:

    hubby is doing this to himself
    he is taking a drug to lower blood sugar and eating bags of jelly beans (pure refined sugar). his doctor, nutritionist, or altmed practitioner cannot help him if he refuses to help himself. if his work is endangering his health, maybe he should consider changing jobs.

  2. forerunner7 says:

    Have a look at this link, It might help.

    Anyways, I believe in the power of prayer, I am praying for your husband’s complete recovery, God bless!

  3. European doctors recommend alpha lipoic acid 300-600 mg daily
    Some people get good results from drinking MonaVie juice which is good for inflammation and circulation.

  4. doowopper says:

    you came to the right place…safe and effective with no side effects,take 600 mg per day of alpha lipoic worked for me. also add like 600 mg of a form of B vitamin thiamin called Benfotiamine. I also take it. Extreme burning and loss of sensation disappeared after a week or so. this was 6 years ago and is still fine. trust me on this

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