Is this a balanced diet?

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I am a diabetic on pills but I just need a diet that any healthy person would eat with low sugar.

  • 8am- low carb yogurt, banana, cherrios & cinomin in it.
  • 10am a couple cups of popcorn or a 1/2 an apple with peanut butter
  • noon-salad bar kind of salad or a healthy soup with whole grain crackers & meditaraniun I can’t believe it’s not butter
    or a tuna sandwich with some broccoli & dip
  • 3pm same snack as the one at 10am but the opposite one than the one I picked earlier
  • 5pm a proten such as fish or chicken, 1 whole grain peice of break with
  • butter, veggie & a sweet or baked potato
  • 8 pm a yogurt to keep my sugar steady through the night & I believe the calcium is relaxing & it keeps me from getting hungry

Thanks any ideas or suggestion or comments are welcome

4 thoughts on “Is this a balanced diet?”

  1. That sounds pretty healthy, but don’t you get bored eating the same stuff at the same time every day? maybe you should try to switch it up sometimes.

  2. Time travler says:

    That’s a pretty good diet, but watch your carbs because that turns into sugar. Like skip the crackers with your salad and make sandwiches with one piece of bread instead of two(open face style). On dinner, skip the bread again and have 1/2 a baked potato. Perhaps have two veggies instead. Also corn is high in carbs too, so be careful with that. The yogurt is fine. In fact my favorite desert is taking fat free plain yogurt and mix with some fruit like chopped up apples with cinnamon and splenda in it. I also LOVE sugar free, fat free pudding(jello makes it).

  3. brandon b says:

    Yes that is balanced. Please take care of yourself.

  4. No, most of the things you’ve listed are not good for diabetics because they quickly turn into sugar.
    Yogurt, bananas, & cheerios all quickly turn to sugar (even if it says sugar free).
    Crackers, even whole wheat are high in carbs, dips & baked potatoes are even worse, so is corn (yes popped as well).

    The best diet I found that is both healthy & balanced is the South Beach Diet. They give you easy recipes to follow. You can pick up the book at the library or buy it for a reasonable price at
    I had such good success with it that the last time I went to the doctor, he told me: “whatever you’re doing, keep it up.” It lowered not only my sugar count, but my cholesterol & triglycerides as well.

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