Is this a “GOOD SUGAR” in my diet?

chasvanblom asked:

Comparing the two types of sugars (I hear that the Granulated sugars are “bad” vs. more natural sugars.)

Is the “natural sugar” in green grapes O.K. to eat for myself trying to watch my blood glucose levels?

My mother was a type-1 Diabetic all her life, until her passing 6 years ago.
I am now age 45 years, and I try (granted to the extremes) to avoid any possibility to begin hyperglycemia.

I have succeeded, thus far.

1 thought on “Is this a “GOOD SUGAR” in my diet?”

  1. jalee2207 says:

    yes i eat a handful with my breakfast everyday, just eat them in moderate proportions cuz if you eat too many and you are diabetic they can raise your sugars, if you are going to develop type 1 diabetes there is no way to stop it no matter how much you watch what you eat, but if you stay healthy and eat right you can definately avoid type 2 so good luck

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