natural cures for high blood pressure?

sugarpie asked:

I have a friend with diabetes type 1 that is presently being bothered by elevated blood pressure readings.
does anyone know of some natural remedies?thanks for all the in-put. My friend is already very involved in using natural alternatives. He is also very physically active.
His recently ordered some Oriental suppliments that are supposed to help this situation
thanks, but my friend has been a type 1 (IDDM ) for over 30 yrs. He is in excellent physical shape , except for this issue
yes, he is using celery, but along with sodium-free V8 – which worked for him once before

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  1. Shannon W says:

    My mom has high blood pressure and a friend of her told her to eat celery that it was pretty good and natural way of lowering blood pressure.

  2. micwaltrip15 says:

    low sodium diet and exercise will help lower blood pressure

  3. carrieboo says:

    definetly reduce sodium, its amazing how much is hidden in everyday foods (i.e. can soup, v8…), reduce stress, exercise…

  4. Daily exercise – walking is easiest – start slowly for short distances and gradually build up to 30 minutes a day at a brisk pace. Losing weight, avoiding added salt and increasing their daily water intake all will help with blood pressure control. If these methods do not work in about 2 months, she needs to talk with her/his doctor about blood pressure medication.

  5. Eat foods that lower blood pressure (those high in potassium) and avoid foods that raise blood pressure (those high in salt). Good luck to you.

  6. Your friend’s doctor should advise her if she can lower this with diet or if she needs prescription medication. Unfortunately many diabetics suffer high blood pressure too.

  7. definately celery juice, but dont eat licorice as this raises blood pressure

  8. I have Type 2 w/ insulin injections.

    Lowering the sodium levels is essential to both problems. Lots of fresh, unprocessed vegetables and fruits.

    For the blood pressure, medication has been prescribed. Check with your pharmacist first to check for drug interactions. Then you could try nutmeg, ground and a pinch place under the tongue to dissolve. Also drinking vinegar will thin the blood and reduce the pressure.

    Both these remedies are natural, but taste awful. You must consult your doctor or pharmacist before adding anything as it might either lesson or strengthen a particular medication.

  9. Ya nose ,DIVORCE-lol-otherwise its the pill game.Granny here said Garlic and while it it a helpfull cog in the wheel,however e nuff of it will help da divorce along.True–at an Assembly years ago wearing a doozey of a cold ,sweating like a bull with a good dose of garlic inside of me ,a loud mouthed bro,ten feet behind asked who was swimming in a garlic bottle,I was only able to present to him some dirty looks till later.

  10. Scuba Steve JW says:

    My wife has tried many things and we will keep trying.

    If fact she has added salt to her diet! What! Added salt. Yes.

    There is no end to the number of natural cures for high blood pressure. Problem is they don’t all work for everybody but then neither do the drugs and the drugs have side effects.


    Also read testimonials here about the water cure which is where it tells you to add sea salt to your water and to drink sufficient amounts, avoid caffeine etc. etc. etc. & and

    They say to eat 4 stalks of celery a day, also chayote squash is suppose to be good. For some the Resperate device is suppose to work which is available from Amazon. I think it has a 60 day money back guarantee this time of year due to the holiday. My wife tried it and while it did help her relax, it didn’t do anything for her blood pressure. We got out money back from Amazon. Two other products that are suppose to work are the trace element indium and supplementing with a safe form of iodine. My wife is presently trying both of these. We don’t check her blood pressure regularly partly because some of these products are reported to take 90 days to work. However she went to the doctors about a month ago and her BP was lower than what it usually is. She presently takes 1 drop of indium in the morning and 50mg of Iodoral a day plus other things she has been trying for some time.

    Supplementing with magnesium is also suggested. Garlic too.

    In my wife’s case it is only her systolic pressure that is high. Her diastolic pressure is normal.

    Celery’s potential for reducing high blood pressure has long been recognized by Chinese medicine practitioners, and Western science researchers may have recently identified one reason why.

    More suggestions here: and here:

    Please note I have posted only links to web pages which do not promote a commercial product except for Iodoral and the indium supplement [both of which are controversial] Both of these would be difficult to obtain merely from food.

    Another article of interest regarding type 1 diabetes:

    The question is what is causing the high blood pressure? If it is weight then lose weight. If it is dehydration either of the circulatory system or the cells themselves then approach the problem from that standpoint. If it is hardening or the arteries another approach is needed such as vitamin K and/or pomegranate. If it is simply nerves and/or an inability to relax then that requires a different approach. This is why the same solution doesn’t work for everybody. If you can, find a good naturopathic physician or other natural care practitioner who can help you find a solution.

  11. Garlic. You can buy the pills at any health food store, drug store, or grocery store. Read the directions on the bottle.

  12. I wanna be a fish says:

    Hey … bet you don’t know what I’m going to say 🙂
    Find some healthy chocolate.
    Yes. There is such a thing with some chocolates having bee through clinical trials. In particular, dark chocolate. The darker th better.

    The doctors say the two most important things we can do for our bodies to stop or even reverse diseases is to stop the inflammation and oxidation that is going on in our bodies.
    Our cells are fat and rusting! 🙂
    Healthy chocolate helps as it is full of anti-oxidents.

    The best is raw chocolate from the cocoa bean.
    If you can get it, chocolate that’s been through a cold press proces is best.
    Most of the kiddie chocolates are produced b heat which destroys most all of the healthy nutrients. We all know it is best to eat vegetables raw.

    Our doctors tell us to eat dark green leafy vegetables, not ice burg lettuce. Drink red wine over white. There is nothing that the earth produces darker than cocoa.
    Cocoa is the #1 super food on the earth, it is #1 in antioxidants. Antioxidants fight free radicals and they are what bombard our bodies causing diseases and making us age.
    To go one step further, try chocolate with the Acai berry – it is the #2 super food.

    Dr Warren, a geriatric physician, has reported wonderful results with his patients that are were given a steady supply of dark chocolate with Acai berry

    He claims:
    Lowers Blood Pressure
    Lowers LDL Cholesterol
    Slows Aging Process
    Improves Memory
    Cleanese & Detoxifies
    Repairs Liver Damage
    Improves Sleep Quality
    Relieves Allergies
    Diabetic Friendly
    Stabilizes Blood Sugar
    Reduces Inflammation
    and it even Promotes Weight Loss!

    However, make sure the chocolate you buy contains:

    No preservatives
    No refined sugar
    No caffeine or other stimulants
    No added fats or wax

  13. Hi,

    Regarding your friend problem, maybe this guy I’m thinking off can help,
    his name is Anthony and he launched his first blog recently but I can’t find refrence. Can anyone out there help?


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