Could I have pre-diabetes?

I have been having most every symptom of diabetes. Except for the rapid weight loss.
Recently I had checked my blood sugar after about an hour of eating a piece of candy and chocolate milk. I was babysitting a kid with diabetes so I figured why not check mine. it was 135. Which I thought was good because he told me it was.
Lately I have been having more symptoms and so I was looking around here and the internet and I saw someone saying he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes because his was 130.
Could I be pre-diabetic?

3 thoughts on “Could I have pre-diabetes?”

  1. Mr. Peachy® says:

    If I were you, I certainly would be concerned of becoming type two. Rapid weight loss is less prevalent in type two than type one.

    Keep this in mind, few folks that eat a healthy, natural foods based diet and get plenty of daily exercise ever become type two diabetic. In fact, healthy eating and daily exercise helped me to get off the medication after being diabetic for over five years.

    When it doubt, check it out. Getting tested is easy.

  2. bob_berwanger says:

    If someone’s blood sugar was 130 first thing in the morning after not eating for 10 or more hours, that would be cause for concern and possibly require him/her to get more tests to see if he/she was prediabetic or full-blown diabetic.

    If you check blood sugar an hour after eating something and it’s 135, that’s not abnormal.

    If you are having all those symptoms, go get checked out by a physician. They will run some blood tests, then you will know for sure.

  3. capdillon1995 says:

    You need to tell your mom to take you to your doctor because you could have full diabetes. When a person is first diagnosed with diabetes they are still producing natural insulin. After a year or year and an half you will not. You could go into a diabetic coma. believe me i am a type 1. just get it checked out.

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