Question about Diet Coke?

wildlifewarrior07 asked:

My boyfriend (a type 2 diabetic), friends, and the campus nurse are convinced I may be diabetic, and so to humor them, I started watching what I ate and drank. I haven’t been formally tested, But I do have a dr. appt. next Friday to check. I’ve started drinking alot of diet coke, and I was wondering, other than the aspartame, is there anything I should be worried about? I know the aspartame is bad for you, but what exactly can it do? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Aspertame will do nothing to you that other sweeteners wouldn’t do to you.

    It is an Urban Legend that Aspertame causes cancer, thyroid problems, heart conditions and basicly everything that cigarettes are accused of causing.

    Just because it tastes good and sweetens stuff for us who cannot have that much sugar, the others are jealous and want to spoil as much as they can!

    It might cause munchies!! but that can be controlled too.

  2. KUJayhawks#1fan says:

    nothing has been proven about aspartame. and I know people that have drunk diet soda for YEARs and years with no ill side effects.

    Water, plain iced tea, are other good drink choices for you.

  3. Aspartame is enough to worry about! Please do some research on this stuff, check out and stop drinking diet drinks. This stuff can give you tumors and other major problems! Good luck!

  4. Priyanka C says:

    the sweet taste tricks your brain and if you drink too much diet soda, the next time that you eat something sweet, then your brain will think that it is like aspartame( sweet, but not containing calories) and it won’t send out any extra fat burning hormones to burn off that slice of cake or pie. eventually, if you drink too much diet soda, it will make you fat. i don’t think that you want that to happen!

  5. Aspartame won’t do anything to you. I’ve been drinking it in mass quantities since 1984, so I would be so dead if there were anything wrong with it. All the stuff about it being toxic is a load of bull. Yes, it has common ingredients with lots of icky things, but so do lots of chemicals and additives. You’ll be just fine.

  6. To my knowledge aspartme rotts your brain but then againpeople also believed that mobile pones could fry a brain. heaps of diabetics are addicted to diet coke, it is just like cigarettes. I have diabetes and since I was diagnosed I have been addicted to diet coke as has my sister. Most of the diabetics I know or people with close relatives with the illness are addicted to diet coke. Funny really.

  7. For the persons who say that aspartame and other sweeteners do nothing to you, that is not true. My husband is living proof that any artificial sweetener can do to a person. Before you think I am over generalizing, I understand some have no side effects. When my husband was first diagnosed with diabetes , he decided to not drink any sugar drinks any more- so started using artificial sweeteners in his coffee and ice tea etc. Almost immediately his blood sugar levels started to rise. Nothing changed in his diet except this, but he kept using them, thinking that they were better for him. About 2 weeks after he started with these, he could not get out of bed. He could barely walk from the bedroom to the bathroom, which is just a few steps away. He has a chiropractor that he goes to , so he went and this time the chiro. said that there was nothing that he could do, and could not figure it out. I decided to do some research- what did I find? Artificial sugar can cause a diabetics blood sugar to actually rise instead of fall, and there were many people who had given testimony to the fact that they could not walk. Within a week of stopping the “poison”- his blood sugar levels dropped some, but the most amazing thing is HE COULD WALK.

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