Question about Gestational Diabetes. *just found out I had it*?

* It’s A Boy! * asked:

Just curious if anyone knew what the odds were that I’m going to have a larger baby…

And my doctor said that now they need to keep an eye on how big the baby is getting, I know that if you are going through natural delivery that they will more than likely opt to deliver early… but I am already having a scheduled c-section due to severe back problems.. so will they deliver early for me as well???

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  1. lizincali says:

    GDM (Gestational Diabetes) can cause the baby to grow larger if unchecked. So make sure to follow all of your dr’s instructions for it. GDM can also cause other complications for both of you if your Blood sugar goes too high. As for delivering you early it all kind of depends on how you are doing and how big the baby gets.

  2. well unless your baby or you are in some form of distress (not likely caused by the GD) they shouldn’t deliver any earlier than 37 weeks. as for the GD if you keep you blood sugars under control you really wont be at risk of having a large baby, i had GD during both my pregnancies, my son was born naturally at 40 weeks weighing 6 11… hardly a big boy 🙂 the second was twins and i was delivered via c-section at 37 weeks 6 1 & 5 11.. true they were twins and early to boot but tiny little things AND my blood sugar was worse with the twins… the key of course is to follow the advice of your doctor and or nutritianist and keep your blood sugars in check

  3. heartlostangel says:

    Okay, well, I had it my first go round on the pregnancy ride. I was hoping to delivery vaginally, but I went a week over and was found to be leaking amniotic fluid for over a week, so they went in and got her out by c-section, after an ultrasound indicated she was about 10 lbs and huge. They got her out and everyone kept saying “what a huge baby! Look how big she is” then they weighed her, and she was 19 inches long, and only 7 lbs and 11 oz, which is well in the normal range. She has a big head, but that runs in my family lol, and she grew into it(she’s 2 1/2 now and the size of a slightly short 4 or 5 year old LOL) so I think my doctor was full of crap, and I hated her guts anyways, she was evil and hadn’t even had her license for a year when I saw her. I’m so glad I moved before we got our bfp 😉
    With a scheduled c-section, it’s hard to tell. Ultrasounds can be off, obviously, I know they like to go to at least 37 weeks if they can, even longer if it’s safe. So you’ll have to be patient for another 2 to 4 months.
    Good luck!

  4. I had gestational diabetes with my third child. My dr monitored me frequently with nst and ultra sounds to make sure the baby was ok, but I gave birth 5 days before my due date, only because my dr was going out of town and i wanted him to deliver me. As long as you and the baby are not in distress it’s possible to wait till your actual due date.

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