Use Natural Treatments for Pre Diabetes

There are several natural treatments that people with pre diabetes are following to ensure that they do not develop type 2 diabetes in the future.

There are several natural treatments that people with pre diabetes are following to ensure that they do not develop type 2 diabetes in the future. A simple and easy natural treatment for pre diabetes begins with changing what you eat and how active you are. Other natural treatments that will work to improve your health are supplements and natural herbs. Taking these on a daily basis will do wonders for your health.

Easy Diets To Follow

For many, the best natural treatments for pre diabetes come in the form of foods. In short, the foods you eat contribute to your body’s health and that is very true of diabetics. If you transform your diet now, you give your body two things. First, you will give it the ability to reverse the negative effects of pre diabetes by providing your body’s cells with the packed nutrition it needs. Second, you will stop or slow the development of this condition, therefore improving your health.

There are several diets that we prefer when it comes to treating pre diabetes. These diet plans are based on eating low carb meals and snacks. They also include recipes to make it even easier. Following a low carb diet will assist you in shedding those unwanted pounds, as well as bring down your blood sugar levels, which will put you on the right track to reversing your pre diabetes.

Additional Natural Treatments

For those who are looking for natural treatments for pre diabetes, realize there are numerous options that really can help. For example, you can tackle this with various natural supplements, including:

* Vanadium

* Cinnamon

* Chromium

* Alpha Lipoic Acid

The best plan is to take these natural supplements daily, with your meals.

Several Natural Herbs

The third solution for improving your health through natural treatments for pre diabetes is the use of herbs. Fenugreek, bitter melon and gymnema are also solutions to consider. Simply eating these herbs can help to change the course of your health.

You already know that you do not want to deal with all the nasty health issues associated with type 2 diabetes, so read up on these natural treatments and get yourself started on changing your life and improving your health as quickly as you can.


Is there a natural treatment for diabetic nerve pain?

To avoid side effects of drugs many have tried a natural treatment for diabetic nerve pain.

Chantelle A asked:

My husband is looking for a natural treatment for diabetic nerve pain.

He has pain and burning in the legs which sometimes can get to such a level that it is debilitating.  He been diagnosed with diabetes but according to an ultrasound his blood circulation is within a normal range.  One doctor said it was general diabetic nerve pain but didn’t offer a treatment.

Does anyone know what would trigger it?  Would it be diet related, i.e. too much sugar short term triggering the pain, or is it a cumulative effect i.e. high sugar levels over the long term?  He admitted to me that when he gets stressed at work he sometimes eats a complete bag of jelly beans. His blood sugar levels do rise in spikes and his A1C is generally good – 5.5 to 5.9.

He’s on Glucophage and blood pressure medications.  Is there a natural avenue he could explore to manage this situation?  More specifically something target, a natural treatment for diabetic nerve pain.

How many weeks is normal for delivery with gestational diabetes?

Martini asked:

I am 33 weeks along with gestational diabetes. I have been doing very well with my blood sugar levels and my diabetes is controlled by diet.

Is it likely that my doctor will let me carry to 40 weeks?