No diabetes in my family, my weight is a little above average, I have a sweet tooth, but I haven’t had any symptoms of diabetes?

Boris B asked:

I’m testing high for blood sugar so I began a regular exercise progam not so long ago.  I’m feeling good about the way things are going. Is there anyone in the know as to whether a high blood sugar level has persisted with no degregation of of life style and activity?

I’m not as fit as I used to be.  In fact, I let myself go a little after having had a strong focus on sports in my younger years.

If my activity level continues at the improved level will my glucose levels improve?  I’m also cutting down on my sugar intake.


Normal Blood Sugar Ranges for People without Diabetes

Blood sugar is the term use to refer to the quantity of glucose that is present within the blood. When the issue about diabetes enters the scene, a lot of people were perplexed that they too may be suffering from the illness hence they become quite fascinated in knowing the normal blood sugar range particularly for those without diabetes.

 Basically, the normal levels are 70-150mg which may vary depending on the amount of food that a person eats. The amount may be more than 70 but not more than 140 throughout the day. In case your blood sugar is very low or extremely high for a very long time then this is a not a good sign. In case the level moves up 150mg then the person may be suffering from hyperglycemia which is the condition that is accompanied by a very high sugar level on the blood. In case the level goes below 70mg then the person is known to have a low blood pressure or the condition of hypoglycemia.

With this, in case you find yourself to be always suffering from high blood sugar then you need to check with a physician the soonest possible time since this may lead to diabetes in the long run. If diabetes is not treated properly, it can lead to kidney, eye, heart, or nerve damage. Act the soonest so you can counteract the worst condition from taking place. Diabetes is not a frightful condition as long as you faithfully follow medical advice.