What is the way to recovery from Diabetes Mellitus?

robinchakravorty asked:

My brother has been just detected having Diabetes Mellitus with blood-sugar 281 after fasting and a triglyceride level of 544.I solicit Expert recommendation regarding total recovery from this disease.What foods to be taken,what foods to be avoided,at what intervals food should be taken,what should be the way of life,why a person gets this disease,how it can be avoided altogether?Our maternal grandfather had this and our mother aged 86 years also has it.

What are the chances of me getting diabetes?

Chris asked:

I was wondering what the chances of me are of getting diabetes. My grand mom has diabetes(well I think she does she has a machine to check her blood sugar but i never saw her inject herself with insolen) and both of her sisters sons also have diabetes. I think there are about 1 or 2 more people who have it but I cant think of them.

Also does your diet have any effect on wether you can get diabetes or not and how often should I get checked for it?