Diabetes Signs In a 3 Year Old

Diabetes in children is not a new occurrence; in fact the number of youngsters suffering from this condition is escalating as the time passes by. And since kids can’t rightly say what they are going through, most parents would overlook the real condition and the real score is determined only when the worst thing takes place. So what are really some of the diabetes signs to watch out for particularly for children aging 3 years old?

The warning signs include excessive thirst which is known as polydipsia, excessive urination or polyuria may take place as well. Weight loss is also one of the most obvious diabetes sign in 3 years old. On rare case; dehydration, frequent yeast infections, lethargy, vomiting, flu-like symptoms, confusion, extreme thirst, fruity odor of the breath and bed wetting signs may take place as well.

When in doubt, there is no other alternative but to take diabetes test in order to confirm the real score. The child will surely have to undergo the pain of having to be pricked by a needle to get a sample of his blood. Never think that slim children will never suffer from the illness since diabetes is a silent killer that attacks both the fat and the skinny. It is an illness that particularly runs among family hence if a relative is suffering from this then the chance of developing diabetes is high. Also, lifestyle can contribute to its development as well as diet so it is best to take caution and to be sensitive enough to the body’s needs.