How do you choose and buy diabetic devices or supplies?

There are so many types and makes of glucose monitoring and insulin delivery devices and each seems to have different features, some are presumably better than others.

How do I find out which ones are best and once I do find out can I buy it or do I just have to take whatever is shoved at me by the pharmacy or the doctor?

  • Does the doctor prescribe a specific kind or brand of glucose monitor and insulin pump depending on your age?
  • If your Dr gives you a prescription for an insulin pump do you have a choice of what brand and where you get it?
  • Do you shop around your local pharmacies or online for your monitors?
  • How do I know if my insurance will only cover certain brands of monitor?
  • How do I find out about the different available devices from some impartial source, someone who isn’t earning comission?
  • Is there a “must have” glucose monitor brand?

Being told I have diabetes was enough of a shock now I have to find out all this new stuff.