Could having diabetes make you a better person?

I was writing my application essay for college and I am going to do it on a life changing experience.
I have had type 1 diabetes since February 2008 and I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on how it has changed your life.

Diabetes Prevention in Juveniles

Diabetes can be a life threatening condition. Diabetes is one serious, complicated and debilitating disease. Thus it is best that you must learn a lot regarding the disease. Diabetes can be controlled when given a prompt medical attention. Diabetes is the number leading cause of kidney failures and disease.

Type 1 diabetes is the category of diabetes that cannot be prevented. It is a state in which the insulin producing cells in the pancreas are seriously damaged by the immune system. There are a lot of theories surrounding this type of diabetes but so far no accurate explanations have been found. Diabetes Prevention in Juveniles is a good step in avoiding the existence of complications that may arise in the near future.

Looking for solutions to prevent, minimize or delay the onset of the disease is something that will take us a step closer to the end of our battle against this disease. If we don’t succeed in completely eradicating diabetes, we can reduce and manage its risks with proper gathering of information.

Gaining ample knowledge on how type I diabetes occurs can be an effective way to ensure Diabetes prevention in juveniles. With more knowledge about the disease there is a greater chance of addressing the signs and symptoms and eventually prevent hypoglycemic events.  Prevention of this type 1 diabetes is a perfect weapon in preventing the dangerous signs and symptoms of this disease. The steps into Diabetes Prevention in Juveniles entail full knowledge of the disease itself and how to avoid the risks and factors that would trigger a hypoglycemic attack.