How much of a role does genetics play in your risk of diabetes?

Vehicular Manslaughter asked:

I got tested during a physical last month. I have normal blood sugar levels, according to the doctor, and am nowhere near being diabetic yet (as my diabetic-for-20+-years-father assured me).

The thing is, I realize that even though I’m doing everything I can to avoid getting the dreaded disease (I’m not obese, monitor my diet and get regular excersize), diabetes still very much runs in my family. Right off the bat I can name about seven (immediate and distant) relatives who have it.

If there is much of a chance I could still get it, I’d like to hold it off as long as I can (having a chronic health problem is no good when you’re in college, and I do intend to enlist in the military after I graduate, but that’s beyond the point).

How much of a risk do I still have?
I’m not diabetic now and have no symptoms, also, I’m not going to be in the military for life, but for 8 years.

Could I possibly have diabetes or Do I have enough to take to the Doctor?

skyefalls81 asked:

I have looked around & though I have found some of my symptoms I have some which have thrown me off:
My grandmother & my other grandfather both had diabetes. My mom had diabetes when she was pregnant with me
I am overweight & 17
I get sick if I don’t eat on time. Dizziness/headaches start to kick in about half an hour or so after I miss my meal & get increasingly worse as time goes on
Always have headaches (I am not sure if this is relevant but it doesn’t hurt to include all the facts)
Exercise schedule varies
Tend to be dehydrated, but I get thirsty a lot
Tend to have to go to the bathroom a lot
Tend to eat unhealthily
I have had moments where I’ll be looking at something in & everything will turn to black and white & I will feel my self swaying back and forth. My head will pound & I feel chills
I have slow healing cut/scratches
I’ve recently found out that chocolate and natural sugars help to dull/numb the pain and even make it go away.
What should I do?Thank you.